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Bound for the Floor CNC is a brand new server for kinky folks of all kinds, but particularly those with some darker desires of control. We are friendly and accepting of everyone but bigots. Come in and start exploring! Banter is our specialty.

While the server is small and new (11/27/20) come join and help our magic based RolePlay Community! A kingdom of magic where humans, anthros, and other creatures alike can come together and have their own adventures! Other things like art and events too!

Music Chat Gaming Channel etc. Best server to chill in server is new so it might have flaws

Ahegao is great isn't it? if you agree and like ahegao check out our server we have Nsfw ahegao sfw ahegao anime ahegao and more!

A great gaming community that would be a great addition to your server list! We got a great staff and the staff is focusing on you! We are always hiring staff and you can always be one of our new staff members! We are also working on a minecraft server :)

Pavlov VR FR la communauté francophone internationale et officielle du jeu Pavlov VR.

We are a awesome Alt, Anime, Cosplay, Lgbt and MORE server! We can hold movie nights and more. We have some good bots too! Come join us!

We are just some pretty people, hey your hella pretty! Why haven't you joined yet?

Welcome to The Creative Collective! We're a community for sharing art tips, showcasing work, and general artist support!

This is just a gaming server where people can hang out. Also first couple of people to join will be mods.

A community of people who like random things. Fun channels and events with a focus on random internet things.

Looking for a easy-to-use Roblox Exploit? Well your looking at the right server!

Chill Discord server for gamers! Come find some new friends! <3 We have some pretty dank emojis

cant find online friends or good servers? Join us. We are an active server that will welcome everyone.

we play like Rocket League, cards against humanity, Among us, cod and other good shit