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Come to anime and chill a server where you can find Among us anime chats and Cold War and much more

Welcome to Rinoll! In this server, you will meet friendly and active people who are always up for a chat, along with skilled moderators. Join now if you're looking for a place to have a chat!<3 This is also my server in which my subscribers on YT can chat

Hello! This discord is for weebs and koreaboos! We love talking about kpop and anime and are looking for more members to join! We are super friendly and welcome anyone of any age to join in!

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Royalty is a fun chat where you can post memes, stream, talk in voice chat, use bots and make new friends!

Welcome to Artemis Prime

We are an Among Us Server based in Southern Africa however, we do welcome all other countries.

Server for the occult, true crime, oddities, cults, and other creepy interests.

Join a community full of gamers and streamers where we all help each other grow. In this server you can: - Gaming Community - Collaborate with other gamers / streamers. - Talk to new people from all over the world - Unique channels and topics

Join our server to find many other gamers to play games including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League! We host many different tournaments as well.

A server for the game superhot

Zayther's server is home to a fabulous community of game developers and gamers alike! Join and discuss game dev with Zayther and his community from his YouTube channel and get insider looks on his games. Can't wait to see you there! :)

PhillyG's server - for anime, Mario Kart Wii Hack Pack modding and more! If you with me, than you a G!

Are you looking for a comfy server to sit back, relax, and just chill? Maybe play some video games with new folk? Talk about anime, streams, videos, movies, books? Maybe you're an artist/creative/writer and just want to sit in a comfy place to work?

We offer a full automatic dino buy bot for our members to inject survival and non survival dinosaurs We also have a point system, means practice in events to earn points, also we are doing every week some big and small events