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This server is based off (loosely) a book on wattpad written by the owner by the same name! In this server, you can chat, have fun, and so on! If you need someone to talk to, go to vent, where you can vent about your life, and you can reach out.

This server is a central hub for car enthusiasts and gamers alike. If you're a car guy and you also play Minecraft, this is the server to join!

Seeking a place to watch Anime Content ad-free? We as a community made it possible. Let's ditch Crunchyroll and Funimation together ! Give it a try ! 🍟😁 https://weebnationstreams.web.app/

Welcome to kuru's weeb house.come here for a time to chill with fellow weebs we have active members and admins. As well as bots to help you during your time. In our totally not a anime cult so come and join us https://discord.gg/79hdGPF

this is a channel that me and my buddies started to play games and talk. we would like to meet some new people and make some new friends. turning the server into more of a community has been a goal of ours for a while. give us a shot, join!

꧁Welcome to Clowntiny’s!꧂ A server made for Atiny’s to share their love for ATEEZ! We have a nice community and support everyone no matter what!

--------------------------------Welcome to Mystic's Sauna & Games---------------- Gaming and Anime, while making friends in our community!


This is Cavern Depths, a Mining Themed (not minecraft) community server. Read the Long Description below for a simple summary:

This server is for people that want to learn coding or any type of technologic stuff

Serveris skirtas bendravimui arba rasti žaidimų parnerį ;) P.S Ne duchas - ateini ir bendrauji.

Hang out play games and have a laugh and be respectful at all times

Heyo! this is a place for filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, etc... to meet! There's chatrooms to just hangout and talk, there's going to be movie nights, chat rooms to discuss short films, tv, and movies, and more!

This server is all about having fun and playing games with some new friends! We would love to have you on this server!

A server with emojis deciated to TonTon friends, a group of cute animals doing cute things. Both gif + still emojis avaliable join now and invite your nitro friends! UNOFFICIAL SERVER - NOT AFFILIATED WITH TONTON FRIENDS IN ANY WAY

Chat and Thread based RP server that is mostly high school/college, slice of life with a hint of supernatural flavor. Real-time. LGBTQA+ friendly, OC and multifandom characters welcome, 16 +, and lots of channels to discuss interest.