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A Discord social experiement / game where the point is to see who can idle the longest. Based on the classic IdleRPG IRC game. Random events, quests, player vs player challenges, item drops and more!

Chill server with friendly people and lots of fun

Welcome to Kosmic Anomaly! Epic Features Include: > Active and friendly staff to help enforce the rules > A custom-built all-purpose moderation bot > Command roles > Active community > Among Us channels > Gaming channels

I'm an italian artist drawing in japanese style. In the server you will find my latest works, anime talks, off topic chat, games, art promoting and more!

A big community revolved around the Forza sires. Originally coming from amino and converting over!

Just a simple server for meeting new people, listening to music with your pals, sharing your art, gaming and more!

Offer services to help now server owners have a smoother setup and the addition of bots.

Hello, this is a new server where I want active people to come play. I join other war thunder servers and they seem not to be very active. Everyone is welcome, anyone from any faction can come play :) We also have custom roles for BR ratings and such

🎮 Hľadáš komunitu a možno aj kamarátov na hranie? Pridaj sa k nám! 🎮

Gen Cafe is a free reward server. Just follow the steps and you get a reward. All legit.

Chill server to chill and game and talk about coding

If you like watching or you stream on twitch yourself, join here to get your stream notified to a group of people that will support your stream!

a server made to be more well controlled an maintenance from the original where people can come an talk about specific subjects

Join to meet me in person! I am a tiny youtuber. I'm trying to get to 20 members, please join! WE HAVE MANY VCs

This is were you just chill and have fun and always have someone to talk to

Come join to become the top pokemon master