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This is a server dedicated to Rigël Theatre. We wish to grow the community of this great music group. Come hang out and have some fun, the server is still very young and we appreciate everyone who joins! Hope to see you soon!

Level is an up and coming community with the goal of bringing gamers and non-gamers.

Come join us today for any interest. We are a community that is here for everyone and all interests. We want those who bring their love to this server to make it something special. We cannot become unique without you. Come join us today!

We're a roleplay server solely based on Undertale. You can submit your own ocs or claim any other character from throughout the Undertale fandom that isn't already taken by someone. We are a very small server at the time of writing this, but over time, we

The Content Temple is a place to enjoy the content made by some of our Content Makers such as WrenchTheNailer and YoungCrusad3r. But also to discuss certain topics like politics, movies and more. We are looking for more members to add to the hive mind.

This is a role playing discord server based around the 100

The #1 place for anime lovers and gamers.

Paris Game Shows is an upcoming ROBLOX game show group with many exciting and unique games to offer! We hosts daily amusing games! Join the group to meet new friends, attend fun games and rank up in the group! Here at Paris Game Shows, we are a

Hello we are a art server my co-owner is cute anime Aiden Join us to post art and have fun🥳 💎we are funny 💎everyone is welcome 💎looking for mods! 💎website! 💎chill members and staff

A small, fairly new server. Still open to ideas, but for now, stands as a chill server with chill people. The server has a theme of a deli market, marketing themed roles and such. Not much to offer as of right now besides some conversation. ;)

The Love Shack is a little place where LGBTQ+ members and allies can come for dating, support, and general chatting.

A Roblox myth server 50+ Channels, good staff and nice community, 100% SFW and active, we welcome musicians too. We are an old community but unknown. Feel free to join or check out the server

legit a fan server for the flash game website created in 2002

Halo MCC + variety games. This server is targeted toward streamers, and viewers looking for the next upcoming pro. Add your username in self-promo to notify the entire server any time you go live!.

A place for trans/trap content creators to promote their content and engage with fans!

In this server, you can play around with our fun economy system, count to infinity, advertise and use fun bot commands!