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A server made for gamers or people who just want to talk and have a good time :) Find someone to play games with!

This is a community server just for having fun. We like being together as a community and mess around with bots and games and such.

In the NightPack you are a part of something amazing.

**Welcome to venusdakids discord!!! All our staff and members are glad you’re here to join us!

A cool server where we like games and anime

∘◦ ◡ ;; if you're a bored weeb looking for a place to share common interests and make friends, this is the place ♡

Friendly and welcoming community for everyone!

Join one of the best My Hero Academia RPs on Discord that allows both canons and OCs, and is overall loaded with fun and great opportunities! Be a part of a safe, SFW, and literate MHA RP today!

Cerberus is a competitive esports team based around Warface, a modern and realistic first person shooter game, free on all platforms! Rise through the Cerberus ranks and dominate the battlefield. Show everyone who they're messing with! Join Today!

In Unleashed Souls we Just chill out you know like we are just a friendly community thats trying to grow so we would apricate you joining and having some fun. We do Gaming, Memes, Chatting, Programming, and more so join up and have a fun time :)

A Fun Server with music, memes, games and lots of people

This server is anything! From hanging out, to discussions, to music and a lot more! We have a variety of members from all over the world!

We love to play and are gamers and a welcoming and friendly gaming community also we have professional staff and also we have movie time where you watch movies and the moderator shares his screen and also we have some cool stuff coming up.

A low mod server aimed at teens with game nights and cool people (sometimes giveaways too). Staff applications open.

THIS is a place for automobile enthusiasts to join and freely chat about their thoughts on new cars. We also feature car photography and allow for members to upload their own images! Our server is currently a work in progress but is rapidly being updated.