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A public discord server with MINI GAMES, EVENTS, MUSIC and FREE GAMES FOR pc with ZERO VIRUS....We have a private voice chats (voice chat for 2..) and MEMES!!! we have meme bot and the members can send memes too.....We have a MINECRAFT MINI GAME and more.

Hello! This server is all about helping you with your homework and has an amazing community alongside it. Simple idea but never hurts to join if you need help in the future or just want a place to talk. :slight_smile:

A space for all things medieval, reenactment, and living history with community and private chats for members of the household.

A fun and friendly place to to discuss securities and equities, including stocks and options.

A fun place to chill, and hang out.

sp00ki server l0l, 18+

Welcome To the Server Am a Youtuber Having a group needing members have great stuff and thing to do in my server Roblox related so if you wnat join today For a chance of becoming a admin or mod

Porn Server, New Server, No members, in BETA, idgaf if you're 18. Servers still being worked on, feel free to post where ever and whatever tf you want.

hi im LightLlama ill show you what the discord server is about

Das ist ein Discord um neue Freunde zu finden, mit anderen Leuten zu spielen oder über Animes zu reden und sie gemeinsam zu gucken

Hello Thanks for clicking! We want to have a pretty laidback server, Where everyone can participate and nobody is excluded. There aren't as many rules as some other servers, Although, slander against gender/sexuality/religion etc will not be tolerated!

A server for anything and almost everything goes. Come join us for a conversation and help stir great ideas. Talk about games, random topics, life, politics, and everything in-between. Come chill with a great group of people and make new friends.

A newly made crime family, currently looking for Capo's and other high ranks.