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This server is Dora themed and mostly a server to hangout, chill and just to talk to other people :)) and we just want some members to come <3!

UNIX and Unix-like system administrators: BSD / Linux / Etc... - News - Discussions - Conferences - Streams

Just a friendly meme/hobby channel for people who enjoy music, games or just to hangout and chat!

Mount Olympus is the home of Gods and Godesses of Greek Mythology

An online community for playing dnd. We use idlerpg bot and someothers for our dnd experience soon to come but in the works we have the 4 main clans that the owners and admins own.

We are all about being a close community and safe place for the Lgbtq+. If you are looking for a good support place or want to help others, this is the place. If you are just wanting those late night chats and to make some friends!

Hello! We are a friendly Tech server! This is a server for chatting about anything tech related. Overclocking, Intel Builds, AMD Builds, etc. We have game nights with a winning prize! Come check us out!

Want to own a College Football team, and scheduling their non-conference games, and leading them to victory via recruiting? Or are you interested in commissioning a conference and trying to build an elite group of teams? All this and more in the SFA

Welcome to Mock-United States, when you join you start off as a representative and can make your way up the ranks. You can also own a company, buy stocks and more!

An 18+ Homestuck roleplaying server where you can play both Canon and OC characters.

This is a group where we worship Doddies (Dogs) and send pics of our dogs so we can have happiness in life.

This Is A Group, Dedicated To A Roblox Clothing Group! If You Would Like To Join Our Group, My User Is Ramos1204, The Group Name Is: CoolKidzBooth

Hey my name is RollDeDice and I'm a streamer, feel free to join and come say hi :)

This is a lgbtq and 420 friendly server

Unlock channels, unlock roles, unlock gift boxes as you level up!