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Featuring: One too many drinks 🍺

Do you like BTD6? Do you like sharing your thoughts/ideas with communities? Do you like participating in community polls and sharing your own challenges? Well then I have the perfect server for you!

Welcome to Meekz shop we provide top service in the osrs market.

Searching a place to seek refuge and to escape from the daily life? Willingly to be part of a growing community and to meet people with same interests? We have a big variety of topics and events, come and check our server out!

TokenTanks is a skill based play to earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Token Tanks is built around the philosophy that players should own in game assets and be rewarded for their engagement.

Creative Entertainment Studios is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography.

Must be 15+ We got gaming and anime chats for everyone No one is judged No bullying or Harshment (we'll be blocked by me) Add friends to the server (if you can) Voice chats included.

Enjoy your stay while you're here, take a look at memes, diverse games, get some game recommandations, sumbit your own poems, use server's custom emotes and much much more :)

A small NSFW server looking for active members willing to share content.

A chill community for Genshin Impact players! For tips, helpful people, memes, and more! Even a NSFW bot if that's your thing :3

If you're playing Rocket League, this server is definitely something for you!!👀 If you join now, you'll get the OG Member role! Join and be one of the first members ever!

Hey! Welcome to Jayden’s Gaming Server! Plenty of things to do here: ask people to play with you, make new friends, discuss about different topics, and many more, check out the long desc.!

♬♩♪♩ Welcome.... to Mursey's Tea Club! ♩♪♩♬ >> 18+ with a cutesy theme! << LGBTQ+ Friendly! | Make instant friends | Dating open to members | Events every 2 weeks! ♬♩♪♩ We'll see you here <33 ♩♪♩♬

Being a hater of people nowadays is much, much easier. Previously, moral and philosophical reasons could lead to misanthropy, while today it is more defensive, reactive, yes, even instinctive and reflexive.

Just a fun little community of gamers that plays a variety of games such as Roblox, Valorant, Apex Legends, Among Us, etc..

My discord server is basically designed to be a community of people who help people and is also for allowing viewers to know when I stream.