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The ultimate hangout for every man's squad! Come enjoy a variety of bots, games, and people within our server!

A chill server where you can meet new people and just generally enjoy chatting with different people! We are new server so kinda less member and not much active. We are aware of it so, please join and let's grow it together.

Professional Fortnite Team

We dont focus to much on main streaming such as meta gaming, we play what we like and enjoy sharing it with everyone! Each of us have different skills and hobbies and use them to help each other accomplish great things!

Here We Pretty much have wars daily and we have guillotines in the back if you disrespect anyone above mod role so if your nice then youll have a good time. also we have nukes so watch your mouth before its tsar bomba all over again.

Du bist auf der Suche nach einem deutschsprachigen Discord Server auf dem du Mitspieler finden kannst oder einfach mit netten Leuten schreiben kannst? Dann heißen wir dich herzlich Willkommen!

Hello! This server is all about helping you with your homework and has an amazing community alongside it. Simple idea but never hurts to join if you need help in the future or just want a place to talk. :slight_smile:

Hello, we're Euphoria and we're looking for active and chill people to talk and hang with us. we're pretty inclusive and we do have laughs. We even got those NSFW channels for all your cyber pleasure needs.

This Server is created to harvest people but forget that. ♡ My server is accepting and chill. My organ sacks, I mean cuties are the most amazing people, come over and have fun with us! :D

GTA V City RP, Professional server.

What is it that you desire? To gamble, play video games, to kill your opponents? Well, then become a part of Legion and join your fellow comrades and become part of the deadliest Discord Server!

Hey we are a sfw server, also a chill community!

For gamers 16 Meet new people to play all types of games and have fun Also to watch anime and movies

This server is anything! From hanging out, to discussions, to music and a lot more! We have a variety of members from all over the world!

Welcome To the Server Am a Youtuber Having a group needing members have great stuff and thing to do in my server Roblox related so if you wnat join today For a chance of becoming a admin or mod