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Tetris Hub server icon
Tetris Hub

🟪Looking for an active server to play some Tetris? Look no further than Tetris Hub! Tetris Hub is one of the best servers for Tetris fans from all over the world to collaborate! 🟪

Tetris Hub 50 members Join
droplove server icon

Droplove is a portal that enables NFT drops for quality digital artists. Join early to become OG and get on Whitelist.

droplove 75 members Join
Server For Gamers :) server icon
Server For Gamers :)

ENG/PL⭐ Server for streamers and community ⭐ Get help, share tips, improve your stream ⭐ Meet other streamers, build your community & grow your stream! ⁣⭐ Take a step towards becoming a successful streamer now! ⭐

Server For Gamers :) 38 members Join
Pans Roleplay Server server icon
Pans Roleplay Server

A roleplay server created by panstel! You can submit any oc you want and we have custom roleplay channels and lots of cool features! Such as: Mudae, Color roles, Friendly Staff, Introductions channel, and more! We are a new community and everything helps!

Pans Roleplay Server 26 members Join
Sheepdog Trades server icon
Sheepdog Trades

Educational Swing Trading Discord Server

Sheepdog Trades 112 members Join
The Frontier Militia server icon
The Frontier Militia

The Frontier Militia is a server inspired by the titanfall game series. Here, we offer: Over 25 ranks to progress through 7 branches to choose from Many opportunities Recruiting today!

The Frontier Militia 93 members Join
Gunholics server icon

Hello we are friendly comunity that loves guns. We also welcome and have topics for people who play Airsoft and Paintball. Another of our server activities is gaming. Join us and have fun talking about what you love with people who have same hobby.

Gunholics 6 members Join
coolwhip server icon

Are you willing to want a warming and friendly group? Are you also wanting hosted weekend games? Are you also wanting a good community? Welcome to Coolwhip!

coolwhip 141 members Join
V.S. Crystal Trio Discord server icon
V.S. Crystal Trio Discord

Hey! We are making a FNF mod, and this is a server for it! You can hang out with everyone and our active team!

V.S. Crystal Trio Discord 23 members Join
Figure X4 Gaming server icon
Figure X4 Gaming

Since 2020 - the people of this community loves to play intense multiplayer games. Figure X4 Gaming is all about strategy, gear, and content of gaming, with a special focus on playing together in good company.

Figure X4 Gaming 24 members Join
Kage's Cafe | Social And Anime server icon
Kage's Cafe | Social And Anime

Kage's Cafe | Social And Anime We are a community server who like anime and gaming we have lots of roles for you to grind for bots to play with and more. 🎉Nitro Giveaways for you 🎮 Cool bots for you to enjoy

Kage's Cafe | Social And Anime 61 members Join
pp bot continental server icon
pp bot continental

if you are quite active and seem trustworthy I will let you edit it together, let's rise pp continental, join to see what the server is about!

pp bot continental 8 members Join
Erika Paige server icon
Erika Paige

Hi there, welcome! This server is all about Animal Crossing and gaming! This server is based on my YouTube channel but more importantly it’s a fun and safe community where we hangout and talk about the games we’re passionate about.

Erika Paige 7 members Join
lust server icon

◞ sfw ◞ black/white + japancore aes ◞ hiring ams + pms

lust 632 members Join
Underfunded Scientist server icon
Underfunded Scientist

We are a small group of Indie Game Devs/ YouTubers/Animators and more. Our community is based around helping one another so feel free to self-promote your YoutTube, Games and test some of our games.

Underfunded Scientist 43 members Join
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