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This server is dedicated for Fire Emblem fans and other video games. We really talk about anything here and we love friends! [LGBTQIA+ positive] [NSFW and hentai channels] [We like wholesomeness] [This is a safe space and we support each other]

As a community, we are always looking for other interesting people who would like to join us and get involved. We enjoy games and the more players we have in our community, the better they can be played. We also welcome content creators to our community!

Help us achieve to 50 members! With that being said once 50 members are achieved, every person will get a special role! The 50th member will get his own role on the server! - With a secret chat too πŸ˜‰ We will be waiting for you, see you soon!

A simple voice chat for gamers to chat and stream games together. Connect with the automated bots within our discord channel...

__***Hyperion Esports***__ is a new gaming organization and is currently looking to recruit members and grow, we are primarily focused on overwatch at the moment but as we grow we will we be expanding to other games and too. We currently have lfg too

A friendly roleplay server, based in a boarding school similar to the likes of Hogwarts, in which each student has a unique mutation! There's plenty to explore, and mystery to be had :))

Music, music, and more music. We love music.

Willkommen bei ESKπŸ† Bei uns gibt es folgendes: -Turniere -Bots -Mini Games -Aktive Community -Ein tolles Team

Hello there, this server is for Anime, Manga, Hentai and Japanese culture enthusiasts Our aim is make a great server and to unite Otakus from around the world We promise to be a great community for you where you can chill and relax and find cool people!

Gamers, content creators, and artist. (THG) has many channels for people to kick back and enjoy themselves!

Trippy's Empire is a fun community server that focuses on the entertainment of our members, via many bots to have fun and use, many different themed channels, many different themed vc's, giveaways, game announcements, and many music bots!

A chill hang out server

First of all, a warm welcome to all of you on the server, where of course there is no hentai ...... (*Automated NSFW Content and more.....) Wait seriously No?

The Potato Pirate's Den is open! Come chill with the rough and tough, code loving Potato Pirates!

Discord server dedicated to discussions about the Tower of God anime/webtoon series. https://discord.gg/Mrz9MTG

A 700+ Rocket League community with FREE volunteer coaching, 6man scrims, private tournaments, tools to find you players, and plenty of training resources. No one is expected to be perfect here, only a little better today than yesterday.