Hypnotic E-Sports
112 members

Hypnotic is a super cool and upcoming esports team for valorant and apex legends. We will be looking for players and staff. If you do not want that we still have a great and fantastic community you can chat with! Enjoy

Imperial Imperium
64 members

Hey and welcome to Imperial Imperium. This Server was made just for some Fun and is for English or German Speakers.

π‘›π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘šπ‘Žπ‘™ π‘β„Žπ‘Žπ‘‘π‘‘π‘–π‘›π‘” ✯
146 members

Chat server in PT-BR! Not so active chat, but trying to improv :)

god's chat
63 members

This is a social community, we like to talk! Here you can join giveaways (not nitro btw), talk to people and have fun!

Lil Dracool
144 members

β€’ Active fun community πŸ₯‚ β€’ Gaming πŸ’Έ β€’ Huge Dank Memer, OwO & Poketwo giveawaysπŸ€‘ β€’ Awesome Emojis😜 β€’ Premium Bots πŸ€– β€’ Lots of Mini Games β€’ Custom Events, Voice Events & more! 🎧

Gamers Voice Chat
77 members

A simple voice chat for gamers to chat and stream games together. Connect with the automated bots within our discord channel...

γ€Ž π’πŠπ˜ π’πŽπ”ππƒπ’ 』
132 members

✧ A welcoming community for music-lovers of all kinds! Here you can chat about: β™‘cultures and food around the world β™‘share your artwork β™‘movies you're interested in β™‘k-pop and k-culture β™‘games such as hangman, among us, etc.

Little Forest Cafe
127 members

Hello there! Welcome to the Little Forest CafΓ©! Our server is just a place to chat and chill. Please come join us for a cup of coffee and some cake~

124 members

An official ThisGalaxyCat's Discord server

Gamers Den
124 members

In our server, you can play with bots, discuss topics you like, and chat safely with lovely members who are happy to chat back! Join and help us grow✨

Big Lads And Lasses
123 members

We are a friendly server to just chat and play games! Come along, no requirements just chat with us and game!

117 members

Discord server dedicated to the r/JustShapesAndBeats & r/JustShapesAndOhNo Subreddit community. Chat about Just Shapes and Beats! Post memes! Converse about bugs! Get to know the community!

Niko's Chill Zone
67 members

Welcome! Glad you made it to the chill zone! if you have any questions please fill free to go to our questions chat!

Chat Levels
34 members

Chat Levels is a server very much based on levelling up and getting a higher chat level. If you are interested in trying to reach the top, this is for you!

Fiberz's Gaming Communi…
113 members

Welcome to my server! (Fiberz's Gaming Community) In this server, we just talk about games and chat about other things. This community is friendly and chill, you will be sure to meet new people to chat to and play with!

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