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Welcome to ashy knees! This discord server is a chill discord server and basically is meant for vibing. If you join, please make sure to read the rules channel! Have a great day!

idk just join i need a name

A chill server with gaming, giveaways, music and much more with a very nice community!!

A discord to just have fun and find friends. :)

Hello! Welcome to the Greenville Roleplay Union on Roblox! We are a small roleplay server for the game Greenville, Wisconsin.

That all you need to know. This discord is around VRChat and VR for furries. https://discord.st/furrys/

Join our shiny hunting community for an active place to do dynamax raids with other people instead of bots! We do giveaways and even more so make sure to come by

OuO discord server


Our server is a nice and chill talking server! we have OuO bot which has tons of games like the zoo, RPG and findings.

We are an Anime and Manga Server, with a gaming category too!

A casual standard and competitive hyperscape clan.

Its server about earth2.io and crypto currency.

For discussion, trading, and battling in Gen 1/2 Pokemon games. Supports Crystal Clear too. Also has PokeMeow and PokeTwo for extra fun. May have Giveaways in the future.

🔮Nova Resales- a GTA modding server staff is very interactive. We have music and voice chats (more to come) we also sell the following things that will soon be released on our website!!🔮

We are here to give back to the community and give away some Nitro!

Insource System is a Roblox, Unity and Discord development server. We focus on Games and bot scripting. More info on our website: https://insourcesystems.com/

A place for friends to hangout and enjoy games (Also we have gambling)