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Just a Chat Thats it

This server is to make friends and have fun. I am new to making servers and I'm not sure what to add but I'm open for any recommendations.

Calling all DC roleplayers! Enter a dystopian future where Lex Luthor has taken over the world, and released every inmate in prison. Now, the world is overran by villains, and Superman is dead. It’s up to a group of former heroes to stop him.

We are a Fortnite clan that are very good we play competitive and tournaments and we play on the middle east server.

Have you ever wanted to join a guild, but didn't know where to look? Well, look no further than The New World Nerds. We're a brand new server with lots of stuff to offer, we've got anime discussions, memes, and some pretty cool emotes. We also have events

YouTubers, music, animations and games! Entertainment total community Japan server

Лояльная администрация, общение на свободные темы, активное развитие сервера.

Community of Gamers that like to talk about games, real shit and goof on each other

A small active server started by a group of friends where we play games and talk. Bots: - MEE6 - Dank Memer - Pokécord - Slotbot - Yggdrasil

If your a Jurassic Park fan or a dinosaur fan in general your guaranteed to enjoy BioGen! Join today and help create the best dinosaur theme parks in the world! (Page has more info)

This server is tied in with hanging out/chilling, making new companion, gaming, anime etc. with a principal objective to make everybody feel great and content with the server.

Share, Sell, and Collaborate all in one place!

This is an up and coming small server for all the simps. Post memes and be a part of the community.

XyRex is a new and upcoming Esports Team !! Join our new server and be the part of an community!

A server where you can chat and meet new people.

JOIN ONLY IF ACTIVE. This server is used to entertain people during quarantine! Our humor is dark and not everyone might be a fit, so be prepared for that if you're going to join. Thanks!