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an awesome place for people that love everyday carry items , high-tech items and, the hottest new fashion!

join its just a chill server talk abt anything u like

VALORANT is a super team based game and more often than not, we find that solo queue games leave you with either uncoordinated or disrespectful players. We want to reduce that. Made by gamers, for gamers.


Porn, hentai, a free speech channel, and interactive staff. You can come here to trade nudes, or just have a little fun with our top notch NSFW bots. Easy verification process, and its free premium porn!

((13+)) Come join Late Night Gaming! We offer all sorts of games, as well as a friendly community that's always happy to have more people! Meet new friends and other people with similar interests to you!

Join the Fortlantian nation. A country of great glory. With a democratic government system, games, giveaways, trading, economy, marriage, family, and mainly a country where people can hang out and have fun! Come and join!

Midnight Munch is an 18+ kink/BDSM discussion community. Our aim is to educate, teach, and promote safety. We welcome new and veterans alike to our community. Come join us and share your personal journey with us!

This is a RP, And Gaming Server. Which Includes Politics In The RP Section. Which Includes Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA 5, Destiny 2, And ETC.

Just a bunch of porn and gay shit!

Server-games for everyone!

literally aot, just join if you like aot idgaf literally just follow the damn rules

For my alt kids :)

The kingdom of Heilfill is a vast open kingdom ready for new tales to be told. -Active owner -New server -LGBQ friendly

A server for all gamers. - free games notifications - music bot - memes - birthday notifications

The Flosh is a stupid small server. Its a community of everyone and their interests