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Pokemon Go Shiny Benachrichtigungs Service. Get up to 25+ Shiny Pings a DAY!

Fun little community for sharing memes and just hanging out.

Welcome to Drago's Room! This is an official server of Drago. We have fun channels, roles, bots and events! Join now and have fun!

Hi! Wanne join a server thats involved in memes? We have amazing commands like: $cursedimage Will show a cursed image $meme Will show a random meme from reddit $joke Will tell you a unfunny joke! $dadjoke ofc its a dad joke!! $programjoke

Come here just to hangout and add more people :3

Let's talk about crocheting!

LOOKING FOR MODS! Hello, we are CN Community. This is truly a one of a kind discord server. There are so many things to do, and once you join, it’s hard to leave as there is so many friendly and nice people to be around. Join us!

A small growing pancake themed discord server! We have events like Hypixel, Hunger games simulator, talent shows etc. We hope you join and have fun!

Uprising Fortnite team based in Croatia, and looking to grow in both competitive and content scene!

we r active players of CODM and MLBB we wish to recruit players to develop gaming skills and push ranks

15+ -need extroverts ----need introverts -------need opinions ----Don't leave too quickly --say hi please -enjoy your stay

My server is not for the lighthearted. We are a bunch of weirdos, who enjoy gaming or just hanging out and talking. Plenty of fun things to check out, and I guarantee you will make friends for a lifetime! Metal heads and horror lovers preferred😈🤘🏻

This server is an mythical/fantasy RP server. We regularly add species at milestones of species. We're still trying to grow, so we hope you'll join. We have a large, growing staff team! We have applications open 24/7, but promotions are at milestones.

This discord is a place for you to meet other gamers and get in games together. Anyone in this server can make their own private voice channel and text channel with a click of a button. You can invite people to it and play game, socialize, do homework.

Server Community per Streamer e Gamer! -Crea un gruppo competitivo dalle chat apposite del server! -Canali Vocali per comunicare con il tuo team! -Chat per condividere i tuoi Social! -Bot Musica Nuove funzioni presto disponibili! Ti aspectiamo!

Welcome to Relaxed Lounge, we’re a kid-friendly community server that is slowly growing to the top. We are in need for more staff and please join for support and try be active because first person to reach level 50 on mee6 gets nitro (not including me).