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This discord server is for people that aren't really good enough to play in a real Rocket League tournament.

A nice place to relax with others and have fun in general!

Do you like making weird friends that will bully you but also lift you up at the same time? Then this server is great for you :) ☆→make friends ☆→play minecraft and other games ☆→have fun!!

members are awaiting you in the biggest gaming and anime server on discord. Come join now!

Friendly, nudity, hentai, nsfw

Server dedicated to otome games, mobile, pc any platform, along with other general ikemen worshipping. From webnovel to rythm game!

A super friendly gaming community I built so we could all have some friends to play with!

A new and organized discord server just for the vibes ß). Come in, leave your shoes by the door and make some chilling and vibey new friends. Movies and Jackbox.TV included. As well a 24/7 ChillBot

Twitch streamer, cosplayer and wow gamer. Come join our rated battlegrounds or just hang out.

Gaming Chamber is a fun gaming server

[ New Community ] [ Need Members ] [ Giveaways ] [ Fun Channels ] [ Fun Bots ] Please join server, it would mean alot to me, i want to have a big community, i tryed so many times but failed, i need you help! Link : https://discord.gg/SXNPWdseZB

: ᨳ Aesthetic themed ﹕ ᨳ Non toxic server ﹕ ᨳ Self roles ﹕ ᨳ Growing server ﹕ ᨳ nice community ﹕ ᨳ active vc

This server is made to people to chat and having fun with games

A place for gamers and tech enthusiasts to have a great time. Koht mängijatele ja tehnikahuvilistele toredaks ajaveetmiseks.

We are a group of random Weebs, Minecraft Gamers, and Valorant Gamers.

This is a fresh new server for gamers and weebs.