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We have always wanted a community of our own to call home but could never find a place to fit us all forever. SO WE STARTED OUR OWN SERVERRR :D

Dansk Discord Server. Egen Minecraft server. Nitro Giveaways hver måned, ja, Hver Måned! Join denne hyggelige Discord server i dag!

A little server where HOTS players can group up and play matches or other games together! (We play every weekend, day and night)

This server was created for fans of the TV show ‘The Wilds’ on Prime to discuss things about the show including theories, predictions, memes, and more!

This is a newly server I made. There are a bit members and I need moderators and members. Please join my server! So, It will be alive again! Thank You.

A semi-open species that anyone can draw and everyone can have fun with, the ormworm (yes, it's not a proper noun) community is ready to have YOU as its newest member!

trying to make a small vc community we chilling

Appnana is a reward based app used for both android and ios. This server is for sharing your appnana referral code with fellow members for nanas that you can use to get free irl money


Welcome to ashy knees! This discord server is a chill discord server and basically is meant for vibing. If you join, please make sure to read the rules channel! Have a great day!

CloudRP ist ein auf Fantasy basierender deutscher Roleplay-server, mit einen guten System.

A chill server with gaming, giveaways, music and much more with a very nice community!!

idk just join i need a name

[21+][LGBT Friendly][Bunch of weebs][Bored and Drinking][ We don't sleep][Please be the type of person that shovels snow for their elderly][Movie Nights/Game Nights][Mostly Canadians/Some Americans/Occasional Australians] [Super Chill group, No BS.]

That all you need to know. This discord is around VRChat and VR for furries. https://discord.st/furrys/

Global Go Remote raids is proud to invite you to our 24/7 Remote Raiding Discord! Get the most out of your Pokemon Go experience with the raid organization tools & other valuable resources available at GGRR! Hope to see you out there!