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The Best Among Us Server for 18+ !!! An active, friendly and diverse community Among Us for 18+, all for fun and good vibes. We are a growing family with over 1.4k members that plays Among Us.

We eat pop tarts and we also game cuz that's cool

It's just an among us server. !ONLY POLISH LAUNLAGE! Pls join

An official indian music server , artists perform live sessions, fun emotes and lot of other things...

Looking for a new server where you can vibe, chat, meet other users? Well join Tru Vibes where anything goes! You can Vibe, Listen to music, chat, meet other users, and more! We are always listening to suggestions from our members!

Welcome to shinedown, everyone is welcome to join, this is a fan server about a very large rock band by the name of Shinedown.

°. •⋰≺t h e c a t s a n d w i c h c u l t≻⋱ •.° • the cat sandwich cult is an sfw hangout cult. • we are here to bless your lives with cute cat and kitten pictures! • as the leaders of the sacred catsandwichcult, we hope you have a good time here!

New and improving discord server with lots of emojis and the Owners are very nice. If you ask for Something we will give it to you.

⭐Хэй, приветик!⭐ 🌸Ищешь активный и общительный дискорд-сервер? Тогда тебе к нам, заходи не пожалеешь🌸

🤖 Add our spectre bot for cool features like leveling, ticket system, corona country stats, server store, spectregames, music, NSFW and much more: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=795290012903931934&permissions=8&scope=bot

A PLACE TO BE YOURSELF! 😁 Heyo, I'm ollie 👋🏾 I recently created a server called Internet Homies 🌐 with my homies and we need more homies. Join the homies and make new homies in my server called Internet Homies 🌐. Can't wait to meet you, homie. 🙃

a fun server with fun bots, lots of reaction roles to customize yourself, and level roles

-This is a great server to join if you are looking for random people to team up with -We offer multiple channels you AND your friends can join! -Friends not online? No problem! On this server there are plenty of random people to party with and chat with

سلام ما از یه سرورخیلی پیشرفت اومیدم ولی به ممبر نیاز داریم تمام چیزهایی که شمابخوای

This server wants to bring gta 5 ps3 rp out into the world

A fun skyblock server my friends and I are making. Not released yet, taking suggestions from the community.