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Server-games for everyone!

We are a small rhythm game community built around hanging out, watching movies and playing games together!

Just a bunch of porn and gay shit!

A server for all gamers. - free games notifications - music bot - memes - birthday notifications

🔥Chill🔥Active🔥New 🔥Kinda toxic🔥Anime 🔥Meet New people🔥 Alot of Vc🔥 And Alot of games Etc etc

Want to find friends to play games like league, terraria and among us with? Or even just find people to talk with, then drop on by!

┇Chill Community ┇ User based NSFW section ┇ Hentai ┇ Porn ┇ Emotes ┇ Events ┇

We are a brand new server looking for more people to join and build a community as a whole. The server is mainly for chatting and voice chatting whenever the users have the time and leisure for it. There will be Japanese / Korean tutoring sessions coming

We are a growing server that offers: FREE listing + growth, as well as reports and more!

Welcome to Gucci Bucket Hat, A fun, fast paced, and friendly community with quite a unique atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is welcome & encouraged to join along this ragtag crew, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime Quickly growing, active staff

We Have -- Meets | Support | Giveaways | Music | GTA Gamers | Complaint Systems | Verification | And More!



Growing com server.

Join The Worlds First And Award Winning Discord Gaming Server, The BIGGEST Server Full Of Games Inside Of Discord! - https://discord.gg/kfZbXvKXS4

We are a small community for gamers, memes, anime lovers, GFX Designers, bots, and more come join us!