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If your looking to be able to chill and find a team for fortnite battle royale well this is the place for you. We also do vbucks giveaways. We accept donations on cashapp. And just to say it agaon this is the place for you.

CND discord server


Romanian server all about games

We are the server for $STONKS. Don't have any? That's more than fine, we'll take you in anyways. Wanting to get into crypto? We'll help you with that too!

Friendly group mainly revolving around memes and gaming. Join to share YOUR experiences and to meet new friends!

A discord for fans of Chalk Master/Rice Grain Invasion that has a secondary purpose of providing a community area for artists, game devs, gamers, and other creative groups.

Hello everyone! This discord is for the gaming community. It features multiple growing youtubers who play a variety of games including: Minecraft, Among us, Valorant and many more! Join our discord if you dont have people to talk about gaming with!

Hi hi! My friends and I are growing this server! It's still rather small but also very fun, caring and entertaining! It's café themed, still growing, and we try to keep it as active as possible :D

Official Discord Server for Adventure Time Heroes! Turn-based RPG for Android and iOS.

- Races every Saturday - Season 1 starting 9th of January - 10+ seats to fill - Races 21:00 CET (Dutch Time Zone)

Hello! Everyday Feels The Same (EFTS) Is a new, chill place to hang out and talk to friends. We have acess to roleplay commands, an xp system and a welcoming community to make you feel right at home! Join now!

Help us make the biggest discord server in history! Feel free to completely mute it and just join to help us out.

Hey! Are you looking for a small, no bullying server? If you are, you might wanna join People of the Cupcakes! We Offer: No NSFW Active Owner Friendly people Fun bots If your interested, this server is just for you!

The Digiverse Foundation intends to create a virtually explorable video game world with a size similar to that of the planet Earth.

Welcome to our Discord page, feel the magic of Disneyland Paris in minecraft. Where dreams come true! Coming soon. Because we wanted to make the remake as realistic as possible we use a custom 3D texturepack make and custom made plugins.

Gaming Lounge is a group of gamers that are actively looking to engage and interact with the community.

TheCluster is a community server made for everyone to talk in, Chill and listen to songs. Frequent giveaways and events for nitros every week. Join us today and have fun with us!