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A server for 13 through 18 year olds to date and get to know each other better

Hello! This discord is for weebs and koreaboos! We love talking about kpop and anime and are looking for more members to join! We are super friendly and welcome anyone of any age to join in!

Fun server of music, games, and has smooth jazz vibes. Come join and have a fun time and meet some new people! Owner is on a lot so chat with them also become a Mod and help keep the server fun and friendly! Swearing is allowed but no spamming.

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

🔥 JOIN US! https://discord.gg/pgwyrXGsrX 🔥 | 🙋‍♂️ Meet Minecraft Players | 🎲 Discover Minecraft Servers | 🎨 Advertise your services | 🔮 Partake in Amazing Events!

This server is all about .NET Reverse Engineering & mainly focused on .NET Obfuscator

The new next-gen minecraft server has just appeared! Survival server with much more like: -Space agency and space station -2 world types in 1 There is so much more that you can find about yourself! Rockets, structures that actually fly, 2 in 1, ISS...

WHITE-HART WOODS is a Warrior Cats Roleplaying Game. Yes, game! Create your warrior cats avatar, join the four original clans + BloodClan, and RP. Explore a highly detailed map that resembles the original forest territories! www.whitehart-woods.boards.net

Hey join us for a friendly community! We play games, share laughs, and communicate all the time! We accept anyone! share memes, art, pictures.

If u did not get into the cc heres something like that we have fun and play shinobi life alot

Hey! Do you like bats? Are you looking for people who WORSHIP bats like you? But talking about bats all the time might be boring, so this is not our only topic.

I’m trying to grow a community for people to chill, talk, play, discuss anime

The Lobby is a server dedicated to bringing people together to play games they already play or to find new ones. We play a lot of games like among us, jack box, Minecraft e.t.c

We host gaming events & giveaways every month!

The No Aloha Discord Server is full of 18+ people that love to make friends, watch tv/movies together, play games, vent and overall just have a fun time.

Just a chill community. We are here to chat and sometimes talk about Trains. This is a mainly English server but we have a Non-English channel for our members that speak different languages because we would still love to include them.