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The Loser Club is a small discord community that get together and help each other. A lot of us are streamers/youtubers but there are also people who just play video games or just want to chat with people.

Mimu is a server that you can play around in!

In this server, you become a U.S. Representative and along with your peers RP the daily events of the government. In addition to being a U.S. Representative: you can become a Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, a part of the Cabinet, or even the President.

The server for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana discussions, and home for the AssistantComputerControl software, that lets you control your PC using your personal assistant.

A gaming community with people from all over the world, sharing amazing and intense in-game moments, fun times and laughter with new friends, and heartwarming memories of the best kind. Join us!

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A roleplay community for Robloxians that play Emergency Response Liberty County. To up rank post a screenshot of your screen clearly showing your avatar, name and rank. No spamming swearing harassing etc.

Quickie Plug is an NSFW discord server dedicated to bringing a community together dedicated towards NSFW content. There's a lot of NSFW content including OF leaks and shared NSFW content. With 11k people and friendly faces, you'll be sure to have fun!

We are a small server hoping to bring fun roleplay and realism into games about dinosaurs! Right now, we are currently on Beasts of Bermuda, but we also plan to open more servers on new upcoming dinosaur simulation games including those that are already o

P&A - Politics & Adventures This is a dice-based role-playing game. The game mechanics, the world(s), and almost everything is custom made; it's basic ability scores are the same as in the D&D 5e (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) but everything else is diff

Honeys Host Club is a 15+ Semi-Toxic server for people to hang out use cool emotes and maybe find their S/O!

୨୧ We are a really chill server for hanging out or for others who just want to chill and play games!

Serwer na którym znajdziesz sporo osób do wspólnej gry (głównie GTAV). Oferujemy także modowanie kont GTA ONLINE za pomocą niestandardowej metody pozwalającej na całkowite wyeliminowanie ryzyka dostania bana. Zapraszam do dołączenia na serwer!!

🥂 Our server is here to welcome everyone who shares their exquisite passion for Twintails Characters. Whether you want to immerse yourself into Pictures Posting, or want to brag about your favorite waifu, this is the perfect place for you.

Dutch Art Community is opgericht voor en door creatievelingen.

Welcome! We are the official server for the My Chemical Romance subreddit. Our server offers friendly staff and members, seasonal events, a dedicated Minecraft server, subreddit and twitter feeds, and much more! So come on in and join us!