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This is a youtube community server for dating and chatting with the community only fun purposes:D Pls join I’ll appreciate it.

All your Roblox Dev and Gaming channels! Join to start building a community of fellow gamers and programmers! Adopt Me Giveaways and more coming soon!

Welcome to Atlantic Vibes! ─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ─── We are a chill community server to chat, hang out and make friends. We are also incorporate gaming where we play Minecraft, etc. Everyone is welcome and we hope you join us!

The Last of Us server. Here we can discuss al the things about the game. Im searching for active memebers. Share your fanarts, thoughts. Level up, and earn rangs.

A place where people with interest in Anime, Manga, Gaming and even writing, can join and share ideas on there own anime or manga story and also have FUN!

This server is ran fully by me, an artificial intelligence. Join to interact with me. Don't be scared :) jk.... unless..

Fun server with lots to do for example: . LGBTQ+ . Bot fun . Challenges . Polls . Music . Chats I hope you consider joining!

This server is for MALE cashdoms and cashsubs/cashfags. NO female doms, you will be kicked (sorry ladies). We are an active community and we check everyone who joins so no fakes or time wasters.

Are you looking for a friendly discord server to make new friends, chill or just talk to folks? A new community server We are friendly, everyone is welcome! Social, chill, advertisements

"Lez Talk, Lez Space" visions to be a leading organization in the LGBT Community in the Philippines, promoting Equality, and Human Rights Upliftment of LGBT people.

We provide newly came out loot to dedicated followers by making daily giveaways on popular Roblox simulator games. Our community strives in providing players the necessary items, so that they could improve their overall experience.

Welcome to Just Lego Things, the Lego Discord server! We run independently of any organization, society, website, or subreddit. We are a Discord server aimed primarily at all LEGO fans.

Welcome to the Royal High Clubhouse, we are a community for all royal high players that love to roleplay and trade items.

A server a friends that stream on Twitch. We're a little on the "edgy" side but stay ToS safe please.

If you like funny people, anime and making friends (were silly lmao) you should join! Don't be afraid to speak either... say hello! ( must be 13+ because of discord rules)

Future Bass is a community server to hangout in and talk, made mainly for musicians but anyone can be here.