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Join HHS For Cool Events Im going to be hosting And We are in need of moderators so those are going to be posted when we hit 50. members and there are 3 members of HHS clan so There is SB G subscribe to him and there is BallerSirLT and last BallerSirEG.

A gaming server where we hang out and play games.

A roleplay server on a place inspired by the backrooms.

Great staff! Great owners! We will do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy your time at Lunar cafe! Just be sure to follow the rules!

Server nou de FiveM. Cautam Staff activ si matur, Lideri Factiuni (Lider SIAS si Lider EMS)

Just a place to chill with few rules. Just follow the ones we have and you’ll fit in just fine.

We're a fun, cool, laidback server where we share 18+ stuff. We also talk about anime, or any other kind of topic. Come and chill!

We are a Community for Gaming and Chill, Ranks Events And fun with other members of the Community. We can Play games together ore watch youtube together.

čaute všetci taaakže urobili sme 2 server pretože tento server je uplne mŕtvy takže pripojte sa na ten server, ktorý je oveľa krajšíako tento ak ste zvedaví tak sa pripojte na tom serveri sme si dali väčšiu námahu. Nizsie mate blizsie info.

A server to hangout and to have a good time. Some adjustments can be made by the members,but only if we want. For now it's a small community,so we will like to see you join.

We are your all in one discord server. Mostly focused on investing but you there is also channels for: Gaming, chilling, music, sports, memes and much more

Just basically a server for otakus ;-;.

In True Aussie Teens we have many enjoyable bots (24) that will help you and your mates out with: music, economy, moderation and general fun. All members can have their own private vc’s by easily making a vc with a bot. Swearing is allowed. Join mate

Weebs Tavern is a fun and friendly community with active members, an assortment of different channels, lots of fun bots to mess around with, and a great place to vent and get help. We hope you stop by the tavern soon, the light is always on.

Kate's Nightclub is a great place to make new friends and meet new people from all over the world. Meet people from Australia to North America! We also offer NSFW content, but we have a lot more to offer than just that.

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