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Blacked Waifus! New discord server for those who enjoy and create blacked content.

Welcome to the Deep: Pixel-art platformer game located deep inside caves. Read latest news and chat with the community.

Just looking for some new friends to game/talk with, currently our server is small but we are looking to grow it! Note: Sexism, racism, homophobia, and hate of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Come join us in this AOT and Anime filled server. Many fun bot channels including mudae. Active chats and voice channels. Many fun channels. Kind staff. And amazing new people to meet that watch AOT or Anime!!.

Gaming community where u can talk about games and just chill

Hello! We’re cool people. It’s all you need to know. Come join and get yourself some cool roles, colors, and emotes :)

Hi! This is a new server with currently no members. I want to grow this and try to be very active. I need kittens. (Mostly joking around) I also am looking for admins and moderators for this server once (and if) it grows.

Upcoming gaming server, meet other new people and become friends.

-Dank Memer Server -Massive Giveaways -50mil Heists -Rob/Bankrob disabled -500k-1mil giveaways

NEW Are you a simp? Do you adore (OBSESS OVER) British people? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! Here's what we have to offer for you lovely simps and simpettes out there: ‣ Self Roles ‣ Nitro Giveaways ‣Admin Application

A Pokémon server for the most part but we have branched out to just Nintendo gaming in general. We have our own seed check bot so feel free to hop in if you want access to it!

Selling Dominos 2 topping medium pizzas for very cheap! You can carryout or delivery. Carryout only 3.25 for a limited time

The ultimate collection of mmlul emojis!

Come watch this pro player kick some Valorant booty!

Gaming in roblox and minecraft