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This server is all about anime and discussing it with people. you can also discuss things about your mental health if needed.

come hangout in the local cafe and get to know some strangers who may turn into your best friends~

VR for gamers over 35 Meetings for people over 35 Rencontres pour les + de 35 ans․ Hangout relaxing cuddles puddles sleep for older gamers ⁄ seniors on VR Games

Welcoming all gamers from the depths of the internet! We are a small server looking to grow! Come game with us!

🎁 $500+ Nitro Giveaways ⭐ 400+ UNIQUE Emotes 🔊 24/7 VC 💖 Make New Friends 😂 Memes 🎮 Among Us 💬 Active 👋 Social 🪔 Anime

We are a Community who drive trains. We also do trainings and interviews. If you are going to join and what to be a High Staff you can DM the owner and you will be put down in the Interview queue.

Skyhigh is a server for chatting and playing games. The server is about 25% cancer and 75% fun so join if you want but don't be too surprised.

a server that you can meet a lot of friends and chat together.

server for pvz emotes

Come hang play some games have fun I also stream join up

a danish server en dansk server med giveaways og andet

Anime & Gaming | Friendly & Welcoming | Economy | Weekly Giveaways | Gaming Events

-Tech Support- -Hardware Issue- -Pc Build Support- -Programming- -Chill- UwU

This server is welcoming to all members! This server has many subjects for other members to help you with! We have professionally trained staff to keep your experience safe! This server is growing, so join fast to join the fun!

Take a trip to the chill destination Chill City, We currently are looking for more members! We would love for you to join us!

Looking for Roblox Executor? our servers have an Executor that called " HanExecuterV3 ". Come join us for the executer!