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Whether you are a new fan of Alice in Chains or a diehard fan you are welcome!

This is a server where you can do anything like ask tech questions read manga or watch anime or play games with new friends

DISCORD SERVER ALLIANCE BY PIRATES PLUNDER! 🏆 - We set up server alliances for Sea of Thieves, and ask if you want to help?

This server is a chill and safe space for people to come to play video games and socialize!!!

😴We are a friendly lucid dreaming server where you can chat with experienced lucid dreamers, get advice, and hang out! 📖Tons of resources and lucid dreaming guides

This is my discord channel for my Twitch Channel, BushidoXLD!

This is a community created to make new friends and chill in your free time. Have fun chatting about your favourite things while meeting some amazing friends!

Just a small server to chat with your freinds!

This is a server that allows anyone. This server may be new, but it is very controlled. Making friends is very hard for some people, but this server helps that. If you don't want new friends then just use this server to chill. Hope you join! Hope you will

Advertising server for you to grow your discord servers and socials.

🌟This is Mango hub:mango: our advertising server is different from others because we are also 🌟helping people by gathering links of as much as possible other advertisement servers 🌟without partnership. And you may dm advertise

We are a small community helping you hire an editor, or be hired as an editor!

This server is a great addition to your server list!

Una Comunidad Pequeña Que pronto Sera Grande!

chill server to become friends with one another <3 no toxicity!!