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A server to chill and make new friends. No one isn't welcome (unless homophobic or racist). Age limit: 13+, if you end up in a relationship with someone from the server thats awesome!

This a roblox military roleplay game. Train to rank up!

a safe space for gaming with friends, making new friends and connections

Everyone is welcomeeee

come join our growing minecraft discord server! Meet new people and chat in our categorised game chats. Play games with the bots, talk in the voice channel or listen to songs of your choice in the music channel. hope to see you there, enjoy! : )

~What we are~ For a long time, I have not found a server dedicated to those confusing, unexpected, raw, and funny as all hell shitposts. That is the reason I have chosen to build this server, for those like me to find that content to save and share.

Hello! Evelyn Studios is a place for everyone to chill and have fun!

Welcome to the criminals guild here is a safe place for all your crimes very easy rules to follow and swearing aloud nsfw channels gaming channels user phone and more! 13-17 only but if your 17+ and aren't creepy we'll accept ya and LGBTQIA+ accepting

This is a warm and welcoming server with cute and colourful emotes, join to make new friends!

It is a server with some of my good friends and if we hit 500 members ill do a giveaway once we hit 500

A rootin' tootin' server full o' cowboy emojis for nitro. Yeehaw!

ā„ļø Teyvat is a new 18+ Discord Server dedicated to making a safe environment for everyone! We're LGBTQIA+ friendly and have 0 toleration for toxicity. While we are mainly based around Genshin Impact, the server is inclusive to all games.


Support, Chat, Collab and Play. Enjoy all these things in one place when ever you need it!

ā™” join our server for essentials and pngs! U惻ļ»Œćƒ»U

18+ only Gay NSFW content Drag race Porn Toot or boot Smash or pass Top, verse or bottom General chat 420 music Movie lounge etc