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For fans that’s want a place to talk to each other and have fun

*Partnered with Discord* Chat with people from around the world in the largest Fishing and Outdoors server. - 1.5k+ members! - Many channels! - Self-Assign Roles & Custom Roles! - Monthly competitions! What are you waiting for? Come check it out!

Welcome to Alpha! We are a community playing Minecraft, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and simply hang out! We also do lots of big Dank Memer giveaways and have a TON of fun bots!

Shrekiest server on discord, only for based people

≧✯◡✯≦ An epic fun community-server for teenagers for chatting and basking in positive vibes! ≧^◡^≦ ♪♪ Come be a part of this growing community ♡♡♡ ♪♪

Heyya,, This is the official discord server of all chilling gaming youtubers who just play games for fun and entertainment. All diehard gamers are welcomed. Our Server is just for fun so no abuse or hate will be tollerated in our server

Hey I’m MR.DARK and I want you in my server, it’s a gaming community server, you can talk about games you can go gaming with other gamers and you can come enjoy your time.

Community full of people that love to converse, either positively or negatively. It all matters in how you say it.

Mobile Gaming, Social and Community Server by King Xavid. Make new friends with people with similar interests, casually chat around, play games with foes in voice chats! #ShareYourLife without fear of being judged!

The Rammstein + Discord server, endorsed by the Reddit page: as official as you can get. Come meet your fellow fans!

This is a brand new and growing discord server for the kpop group: VICTON !! Join us for many cute emotes, roles, channels are lots of fun!

Iconic Team is a group of individuals that offer a variety of services.

We are an awesome discord community with a Minecraft server incoming. We are always looking for more active people to become part of our community.

Dungeons and Dragons themed community server

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A Small Gaming Community With Channels for promotions gaming and more