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We are brand new Anime roleplay discord server! We offer plenty of features and make sure you will enjoy your stay here!

Ein Server um einfach ein wenig zum quatschen schreiben oder auch zocken. Wir freuen uns auf jegliche Mitglieder die nett und tolerant sind. Der Server ist noch ganz frisch und im Aufbau hilf dabei ihn aufzubauen:)

This is a gaming community server with all sorts of games, memes and fun!

We Are Mario's Galaxy! We Are A Nintendo Community Server Based In Space! Join The Server Today And Interact With A Amazing Community Of Nintendo Lovers! From Mario Galaxy To Zelda BOTW To Mario Odyssey We Have It All Here!

Just a chill server where we talk and play games

anime minecraft roblox among us gaming make new friends

Make friends and find love! Have fun!

We're a group that values community connection over likes. We want to be good and do good. This is where we come to learn, hang out, and create change together. Come here to: - hang out - talk about what you're learning - get resume/skills help

Small server that me and my friends have started up. If anyone wants to join and play some games your welcome to.

A place to hangout and game

If you need help, please join.

This is short desc.

Join this for some swag friend and chilll

︵‿︵‿🍇‿︵‿︵🍇‿︵‿︵ 🥭﹥ SFW community! 🥭﹥ No discrimination or hate 🥭﹥ Members can enjoy to plenty of channels for all! 🥭﹥ Partnership 🥭﹥ We are doing Events and Giveaways! 🥭﹥ Our staffs and members are friendl

Its a server to have fun and make friends and play games with others and watch or stream anime Also we have memes for years so if your looking for anime or any others i said come and join everyone's welcome

This server is a casual DnD server that focuses on a futuristic dystopia, planet jumping, steampunk setting! Grab your favorite Ace Attorney character, and hop on in!