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Skymock Discord server icon
Skymock Discord

Hey, we are a small group of people that wanna grow We play a lot on our Minecraft server Skymock.minehut.gg and we have a great community We give keys on the server for discord levels and play games Seems like something for u? Join the server ;)

Skymock Discord 31 members Join
Above The Rim (NBA2K21 PC) server icon
Above The Rim (NBA2K21 PC)

Our objective is to be a common grounds for casual and competitive games. Bringing together the small community we have; having games and players searching to play throughout the day.

Above The Rim (NBA2K21 PC) 92 members Join
Lull a chill server server icon
Lull a chill server

Lull mean calm or send to sleep, typically with soothing sounds or movements. Basically a chill server where to can talk with new people. Play games watch anime or movies together you know like a sleepover but online.

Lull a chill server 43 members Join
SYTRO GANG server icon

This sever will help you become better at shindo life we do giveaways we give out tyn tails other tailed beast and auto farmers will help you level up faster cmon and join our group we hope you have fun.

SYTRO GANG 131 members Join
JacksonDZ TY server icon
JacksonDZ TY

Welcome to JacksonDZ YT! We are a very laid back and friendly gaming community! Here you can chill with your friends, make friends and even play games with them! Very non-toxic, and support LGBTQ+ ! If you have any questions, dm an admin!

JacksonDZ TY 10 members Join
The Feywilds server icon
The Feywilds

Hello! This server is for the gamers and chillaxers alike! We have plenty of channels for gamers to form groups and parties, while also allowing more relaxed members to have places to chat and have fun. It is an open server for everyone!

The Feywilds 46 members Join
stylized. server icon

A fresh + growing community focused on fashion + style.

stylized. 165 members Join
Among us! server icon
Among us!

This is an among us server that wants to grow and get more people into among us! We have people that you can talk to in #talk and anytime you want to play among us with friends you can go here! Just make sure to follow the rules!

Among us! 15 members Join
Red Dead Online Roleplay server icon
Red Dead Online Roleplay

Dead Eye Interactive is an RP Group taking place on the PS4 side of the Red Dead Online community however, It'll at some point make the switch over to PS5.

Red Dead Online Roleplay 5 members Join
Pog cult server icon
Pog cult

Hello, Welcome to Poggers, we talk about Games and Other stuff, We have 20+ Emojis/Emotes And 20 roles, We have Games VC and Text Channel About a lot of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Etc Join Today :D

Pog cult 15 members Join
🍫Candy cult🍬 server icon
🍫Candy cult🍬

Gaming for everyone Everywhere From Minecraft to Rocket League to even Amoung us. I promise you you'll have a blast 😀 Great Community And just overall a great experience. Pls consider joining, you won't regret it 😁

🍫Candy cult🍬 27 members Join
EnderCode server icon

Join this small but fun server It's the place for coders or none coders to hang out and have fun. My own bot is in development, make sure to pass by if you want to see it. feedback is always allowed xD if you like coding than join EnderCode

EnderCode 12 members Join
Kingdom edge smp server icon
Kingdom edge smp

Hello we are a survival Rome that is very active with a good community we support the LGBTQ and everyone feel free to join we are constantly in the and have a lot of entertaining stuff on our discord server

Kingdom edge smp 58 members Join
Avatar The Last Airbender RP server icon
Avatar The Last Airbender RP

This server is to create our very own avatar the last airbender story with roleplaying. It's active, fun, with extra features. Give it a shot!

Avatar The Last Airbender RP 21 members Join
The Community server icon
The Community

Welcome! We have all kind of things and are currently looking for new members (duh) We currently have: - Premium Dank memer - Nitro giveaway (50 members) - Taco shack (gr8 bot) Come join for a fun time! :)

The Community 42 members Join
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