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Chill community | 250+ Emojis| Chill community | 24/7 lofi music channel🎡 | Meme feed πŸ“° | Nitro and Steam Giveaways! | Dank Memer & more

Web 3.0 technology incubator

The Duck pond is a super friendly and welcoming community! We like to hang around and have fun.

This is a Minecraft Java survival server with PvP, ranks, development, economy, custom items, and markets.


Basically just a chill server for making friends and messing around (: Danish and English

We are a experienced clan within division 2 PS4. We are looking for new members to come join our chilled out discord and hopefully join the family and become an Agent of Kaos member πŸ˜€

Many giveaways and community & PC Support

Welcome to Celestial! A Social Community for you to find new friends and chat among the members!

MOVIES CHAT | POLSKA πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± ZAPRASZAMY https://discord.link/movieschat

An intellectual hub of like minded people Who want their voices to be heard.

Join my new discord server! It’s my YouTube server, where I host movies on Friday. People can stream with their friends, and play PokΓ©mon with our PokΓ©mon bot! It’s small but still growing. Share with your friends https://discord.gg/weKSBd9U

I hope you read everything on the long description :D I need more members and i hope there's someone out there who can wake my server to life xd.

I couldn't find a good trading server so I said fuck it and made my own. there isn't too many rules but obviously scammings bannable asf

Twitcher streamers! Friendly! LGBTQ+

A Friendly and Cool Discord server to get in Christmas Mood!