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Serveur parc d'attraction Français dans Minecraft.

Looking for people who want to play or DM for a lewd d&d game. This is an 18+ server that allows for ERP. while erotica is allowed, the focus of the server is on immersive roleplay and fun gameplay.

This serve has multiple categories and channels, but mostly for roleplayers (and a few other channels for artists or random stuff)

Free Nitro Giveaways And Events Daily <3 Active Chat 24/7 <3 Talk To New People <3

Glytchi's Official Server is a community of gamers, streamers, and viewers on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and more!

Welcome to The Eclipse, We are a simple server, made mostly for anyone who just needs a friend or wants to hang out with us. We have multiple bots with several different functions like economy and meme generators. We have the most amazing staff and devs.

this server its for romanein and for people who know english

Like Music? Like Gaming? Like Anime? PERFECT! That's what we like in the Groovy Kids server. We also have music creators and artists in the server! Come hang!

Groups Raids, Fun times, randoms stuff

Chill anime watchers that also play video games.

¿Qué es NyanCode? NyanCode es una comunidad dedicada a compartir el interes por el Anime, Videojuegos y la Informática en general. Nace ante la necesidad de unir estos tres mundos en uno solo, donde sus usuarios puedan expresarse libremente.

Under construction...

Hello everyone, We are currently looking forward to expand our roster in the Gaming scene, so that is why we are reaching out here. Our server has good and helpful staff, automated-patchnotes, game-selection with titles, ticket-systems, streamers.

A server based on the AskReddit YouTube channel 'Reddit Stories'. We're also a wholesome community of gamers and creatives that like to share cool stuff! Come along and meet some new friends :)

Wrong server for peasants