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A small server for gamers to meet other gamers and communicate/become friends!

Just a group of kind people willing to chat about hello neighbor or ever just be social! Please stop bye!

This is where you can chill and relax really This server has Music, Art and so much more Currently no members now But I'm to expand more an build a community

If you are bored or just wanna spend your time by chatting or speaking with other people Black Butler cult is waiting for you!!!

A friendly and non-toxic discord community!

Hello! We're a small and new community based server. The main purpose of the server is making new friends and having a chill, cozy environment. Our server is toxic-free so if you're interested come and join the server!

Just a couple ladds trying to help out a creator

FREE CRYPTO COMMUNITY - REAL TIME INFO Crypto News / Trading / Blockchain Gaming / Alerts / DeFi / NFT / Airdrops / Education

The original and best server bringing you trading signals, info and analysis on crypto pump n' dump groups!

Deutscher Communityserver für alle Altersklassen und ohne Regeln!

Small YouTube channel community looking to grow. Channel owner was inactive for a year and a half and recently returned to youtube. Discord server has many fun channels and reaction roles set up. Come join!

Do not join this server, unless you cool

A server for discussing SCP related things like document readings

Welcome to Among Us Gaming, a chill way to meet new friends, play Among Us and become involved in a new and ever-growing community!

Are you apart of the furry crowd looking for DTAs and raffles to join? Well look no further, the closed species that I’ve created hosts tons of raffles and DTAs for you to join. Come join us and get your own Hoofhisser!

Gamers Unite is a server for gamers alike. At the moment, it is mostly directed to Fortnite STW but we are look to grow.