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Just a small server for vibing. We also play Minecraft an unhealthy amount, but do also play other games. If you are a good member, you will be given the choice to join a realm.

The Jazz Café, This server is for music and chill people! :)

Raid invites from all over the world! Chill out and relax in our poke-chat, learn from our tips n tricks, and even talk with the pvp masters! Join!

We litterly have everything Dating gaming anime etc

Diablo II: Resurrected Discord server for everything Diablo II!

What could you find on the server: -friends -teammates to play games -rpg game - music bot -active members

This is not an ordinary server, it's a kingdom, where you can play with all types of discord bots, where you can get many roles, where we have events and competitions after every 2 weeks, where you can stream gameplays, and much more... Please, join it

Just a fun server to come and hang out, meet people who play similar games, and make friends! We are always looking to grow, so invite your friends!

This sevrer is for ppl that play roblox "The Wild West"

A server welcoming of all Harry Potter fans, complete with Harry Potter gif commands and a large array of Potter themed emotes.

Un server Italiano

Welcome to xkrew! This server is dedicated for the community of gamers and streamers that are looking for like minded people. Where you can look for groups for multiple different games and platforms, just chill and talk with your fellow members or watch a

Welcome To Server Craft A Minecraft Server Where We Have Fun You Can Self Promo We DIsplay Diffrent Servers and so much other stuff Make Sure To Rock In.

The glitch zone is a fun place for u and ur friends we have vc channels music and memes alot of them and a few streamers if ur in for a good time and a laugh come hang out and have fun

Welcome to the Kpop Server! Within our server we offer Kpop content such as BTS and TxT. We also include Anime and Manga talk. You are able to talk freely and openly.

You wanna meet new people? Self promo your youtube, twitch or twitter? You wanna find people who like games just like you? Look no more!! My new server is the perfect place for you!!