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Hey! Welcome to Phalmora a new play as you wish DnD RPG server! We are just now open for players so come give us a shot! There will be weekly events, multiple story lines, and opportunities to make friends and just plain have fun!

No desc set yet.

The Middle and High school Discord is the place to be! Talk about your music interests, get homework help and more! When you join, you get a custom meme made after you too!

For creatives, by creatives. Come join our tribe. :)

Just a chill server looking to start a community

A brand new Community server that will be the best social server out there! it has Everything you will ever want in a server

A chill server dedicated to bring together people of all backgrounds and beliefs! Meet new people, play games together, and participate in the weekly game night every Saturday!

The official Discord server for the Ghost0fHerobrine YT channel. Join now!

Disney Frozen with Anna and Elsa Discord Server. A Backup project by RoadToPetabyte http://pixly.me/rtp

Join our discord we will play with you any games you want and also keep close contact with you. We may even become friends😉😉 Friendly community Respect each other

a fun server that is welcome to all people

Anti-Scam Homework for Money Server

no title.exe is a new and growing animanga-manhwa-manhua-novel release server that would love to welcome you!

Community that loves to play games and share memes.

Welcome to Rift, a community for all things Robotics, Arduino, Pi, Boston Dynamics, FRC, SpaceX, Drones, Builds, Concepts, Coding, and everything in between! Come to talk about complex robotic systems, coding, building, or just to talk! Join today!