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Cinema Teens is a server designed for prospering teens interested in the film industry.

@everyone Welcome to Dank Trading, a dank memer server and a peaceful community where he host giveaways and provide invite rewards. So be sure to invite everyone here to have a great time and take part in giveaways

This is a fun and relaxing server for everybody to enjoy. Safe from the bullys and all the toxic people. You can just chill and make friends !

Join the best (and worst) server you’ll ever enter. There are no rules. You are welcome to do whatever the fuck you want.

It's just a game we like to play in a cafe, we might make a Roblox game based on it soon. Don't really got a description, join if you want.

Are you a gamer? Or you just want to hangout? Here in our community we loved also to hear your story...and made family there!

This is a gaming community server with all sorts of games, memes and fun!

here's a safe spot for you to make friends and chat about your interests. :)

This is a fun server to just have fun and chill. We have plenty of people to swf with and we're just here to have fun. Please consider joining and having play with the community! We have around 500 people so we will have plenty swf!! However, you do not o

3C discord server


Just having fun. Mainly a DankMemer casino We use DankMemer and do a 100k giveaway(will increase soon)with some other items every saturday We are a group YouTube channel and just trying to grow our audience

Welcome to Sexy Burberry, A friendly community server with a wholesome non-toxic community, neatly arranged channels, and more!

WTT is server for young trans people to chat in, and be themselves. We offer lots of cool channels, and friendly moderation.

J2R discord server


Special server with special features. Auto mod, nitro giveaways, friendly content, fun, chill and hangout zone. Everyone welcome!

Hello! This is not a server for the game Pokemon Cafe Mix, this is a chill Pokemon server just themed around cafes because cafes are relaxing, here you can create and view other Fakemon, talk about Pokemon in general, and also become a Pokemon Trainer!

Uhh...I Just want ppl to join it? Im not even popular,please. I Will Be Happy.

Welcome to the Space Engineers modified server. On Kahuna Industries we welcome everyone! You will find all the vanilla planets and an infinite world.