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laughing my ass off, troll this server

VagueAgency a Discord bot with nearly every feature you can think of, as well as a dedicated development team.

Community Apex creata con lo scopo di divertirsi tutti insieme, creando tornei ed eventi settimanali.

An official indian music server , artists perform live sessions, fun emotes and lot of other things...

Just a general lounge server with some awesome features

This server is a casual conversation server. You could meet new friends, grow a community, and just talk for hours on hours. Play games like truth or dare, Never have I ever.

Budding roblox cafe

Hello and Welcome to Green Tea & Coffee, a growing and diverse community server built on making friendships and being with each other out through the roughs of life. We offer services such as anime recommendation to fun community events!

Active, Friendly, and Organized Community of Gamers, Geeks, and Otaku. We have FFXIV & MHW guilds, discussons on Anime, Video Games, Music, Manga, Movies, TV Shows, & More! The Official Portal Community of Run Around:Network!

Koders is a programming community that helps developers/programmers solve their programming/code problems easily. We are always available for helping you!

Non traditional, psychology, fringe topics, LGBTQA+ owned, Otherkin friendly. 18+. Plural kit available.

This is a Marvel RP server that takes inspiration from both the MCU and Marvel Comics to create our own world. Here you can interact with eachother and build your own character arcs. Besides Roleplay we got some bots set up so you can do other stuff too!

join this chill discord server for anyone to find and make friends that meme, game, and other weird stuff like that! discord servers are meant to be fun, but that's up to you! fun awaits!

you got that one server that is drunk and filled with retards all we are trying to do is to vibe man, don't bully us join tho we have a good time :)

MOON The Pack je balkanski League of Legends Community, i ovde se prica iskljucivo Srpski,Hrvatski,Bosanski....