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Way to make new friends and play with whoever. Activity is based on the people who join so be kind and make some new friends. I stream on a regular so come by and chat with me. Maybe someday you'll be on the stream! Make sure to be kind and love everyone!

Servidor en español para jugadores de TTT, con servidor propio, ganas de jugar y pasarlo bien.

Hello we are a small community and we would love if you would join to support us! We play games like minecraft, terarria, csgo, Need For Speed, among us and many more.

Hey guys, I have my own server now and I wanna build up a positive community that welcomes almost anybody :).

Hey, we are 2 friend who need to make money for studies. NSFW server, dont blame we need money.

A friendly and welcoming community with custom Minecraft servers hooked into the discord server. Our aim is to bring gamers and tech enthusiasts together and allow people to connect without borders, we are a positive and anti-discriminatory community.

Want to chat and share memes this is the place join if you want to or not

Welcome to The Dogs Army! This server is for PEOPOLE that LOVES DOGS!

a chill server for people to get away from the negativity on discord and else.

fun LGBTQ friendly server to hang out with your friends in.

A small hangout spot, we need more members

little community/marketplace for csgo/fortnite accounts and nitro giveaways/sales

Welcome to Realm 407. My name is Space_988 and I am trying to grow a discord server world wide. We are at 37 members, please spread the server!

join this Profit Sell Trade.

Официален дискорд за FiveM сървърът: "НОВА БЪЛГАРИЯ". Всички са добре дошли! Official discord for the FiveM server: "NEW BULGARIA". Everyone is welcome!

Welcome to the original unofficial YOLO App Community! Do you want to make even more friends with YOLO App? This this community, makes it too easy.