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🌺・Prezamos o conforto e segurança de nossos membros e nosso objetivo é ser uma comunidade livre de toxicidade e preconceito, buscamos crescer junto a nossos membros e oferecer um lugar onde as pessoas possam chamar de casa.

Play games, hangout, meet new people

A new, and growing Splatoon community for everyone to enjoy!

This is a Mental Health server based on the goal of providing a community and place where people from all walks of life and struggles can come and be apart of a group that will support them. There is never a dull moment and is pure chaos half the time.

Join our server to do a number of really fun minecraft bedrock and java related things.

We made A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes and Buddy Simulator 1984!

Hi! 😍 Welcome to UnifiQ games! | 🎮 Sandbox RPG game | 👩‍🔬physics-based | 👩‍🏫 educational | 🏹 Explore, Build, Battle | 🎨Low-poly Art | ⚙ Made in UE4

Welcome to Workshop STUDIO! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects. Everyone is welcome to join, from beginners to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.

I failed English class, so I dunno' how to write a "d-e-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n." Plz join tho, maybe u could help me go to college or sum', idk

Just a server for people who play genshin to join and hang out! Find other people to play with and talk to!

ResetVA is a gaming server and/or a brand of mine in which I stream, play Video Games and Chat amongst all my friends and users from around the world. Come hang out and get some special offers and win some FREE stuff!

Ein deutscher sever der zum Abhängen, labbern und Zocken da ist

A super and brand new Tycoon Minecraft server with an amazing community, paypal payouts and more! Feel welcome to join!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Our server contains many fun bots, emojis and roles to earn by participating in certain events! C H A T - Communicate with other enthusiasts! Read long Description for more details

✮We have a chill space with a fun, friendly community looking to expand and meet new people. We can get pretty wild and we're all about the laughs and the lewds. The majority of our members are 20+. Come hang with us!

KNN is an 18+ NSFW discord server that has: - NSFW Subreddit autposter - NSFW Content Creator Support - Kink-Friendly! - Discord Games! - LGBTQ+ Chats! - Customizable server experience! And much more!