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U҉NICORD҉ is friendly social community with aim to socialise while playing games, sharing our art/design and inspiring each other to create and collaborate. We stream a lot of different stuff and socialise daily.

W are a group of friends who play multiple games . If you want to hang out or talk feel free to join :) . This server is for everybody. https://discord.gg/7FuxbXXv

Place to chill have fun and talk about anime and games with friends!

We talk about many things and have many interests We welcome anyone to join our community.

This is my discord server that i made where Christians can hang out(if you aren't a Christian and don't care about the Word of God then don't join)

This server is a chill, gaming environment. Come join us, game, and just have fun.

PhillyG's server - for anime, Mario Kart Wii Hack Pack modding and more! If you with me, than you a G!

We are a group of passionate Fallout players here to either offer advice or just to chat in general about the games. We are by no means associated with Bethesda Softworks or Obsidian Entertainment.

The Cheese Tribe Welcome to our server! We have: *Dank Memer* *Chat Channels* *Announcements* *Self Roles* and more! Join now!

Ever wanted free OFs (onlyfans)? You can join this server for free onlyfans links everyday and be a part of a growing community! This is not a Scam server, you dont have to buy or invite people to have instant access. Just free links, nice community!

a gaming server in the works of creation

In questo server puoi trovare notizie su diversi giochi, puoi stare in compagnia in chat vocale e farti nuove amicizie. All'interno del server vi sono videogiocatori e programmatori disponibili per consigli e partite amichevoli.

Welcome to The Indx Squad! A fun community focussed around gaming and having fun! - Minecraft - Fun game events - Active and friendly community - Giveaways - Tons of bots - Nitro booster perks! Come join us today! Trust me, you won't regret it.

Join up for free or paid money drops and recoveries!

Welcome to THE LEGION COMMUNITY! We are Legion, for we are many! We strive to create a friendly gaming community created by the people for the people. We welcome everyone from all around the world, gamer or non-gamer, to join us on our journey!

We are brand new Anime roleplay discord server! We offer plenty of features and make sure you will enjoy your stay here!