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Welcome to Destiny High, the school where the heirs of the classic fairytale children gather from all realms in order to repeat the stories of their parents. Will you follow your destiny or forge your own path?

Ein sehr cooler Coding und Technik Discord!

A server for German learners where we help them to learn the language. We have native speakers and you can pick your level.

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege Console League with high quality production and friendly gaming environment.

Dads belt's memes has ll the memes you could ever want, just be careful for THE BELT!

FEROX Racing is a team of sim racers and car lovers. From beginner to pro racers, everyone is welcome!!! At FEROX, we want to make a chill environment for car lovers and sim racers to talk cars and RACE! Races will be held every week with a season end

Lights in The dark (LiTd) Is one of the best if not the best gaming community servers on discord !

This is really cool server with many things. Almost everything. All facilities

Fun server for people who want to play Among Us and get to know eachother key giveaways for those active!

A server where people can just chill and interact with others

- Μ—Μ€ Welcome To Dorado !! ̖́- β˜† β€” Wholesome Community ✧ β˜† β€” Giveaways ✧ β˜† β€” Events ✧ β˜† β€” Self-Roles ✧ β˜† β€” Multiple Game Genres Chat ✧ β˜† β€” LFG Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Anime Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Serious Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Tons of bots to play with ✧

This server is mostly for the advertisement of my twitch but we will also have fun conversations and you can advertise your twitch and/or YouTube too

Just a chill server where anyone is welcome. We play games, chill and talk, wath movies or shows, if you got any ideas for stuff you wanna do with people just throw it out there :)

At Trans Mania, we're a friendly & laidback 18+ community that is based around anime, traps, trans and femboys! Please be kind and respectful towards your peers. ^^