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literally aot, just join if you like aot idgaf literally just follow the damn rules

A discord server owned by the youtuber: RDranoc it has a kind funny community, although not very active due to low amounts of people in the server, it has the right community to thrive upon new people :)

A server for all gamers. - free games notifications - music bot - memes - birthday notifications

A Free Form RolePlay and Writting server for everyone, 3 diffrent universes, Sci-Fi, Modern fantasy/horror and classic Medival Fantasy. Everyone is welcome, both new and experienced people.

Kiss Kiss fall in love!!! Whether you're a dedicated fan or a first time watcher we welcome you! You can audition as a canon host or an oc host or customer. The host club will be waiting for you!

The Simp House, is a place where you can come to chill and talk about anything, everyone is welcome. We would love for you to join.

✄This server is for anyone who wants to find roleplay partners, gaming partners, just straight up horny, and social people.✄

you can't escape my basement >:)

open source community of app makers

Want to find friends to play games like league, terraria and among us with? Or even just find people to talk with, then drop on by!

A group of people playing dead by daylight. It’s ok we all are lowkey ass at it.

Academia is a hangout server for college students with newly expanding channels to share memes, play video games, establish new friendships, vent, and more.

This is just a nice place to hang out, and talk, and meet some new friends!

Hello! Welcome to the Greenville Roleplay Union on Roblox! We are a small roleplay server for the game Greenville, Wisconsin.

HELLO! This is a simping server😊!(primarily for daddy Erwin🥵) Where you can simp over any anime character you’d like! You can make friends, chat, laugh, get self-roles, call, play games, and most importantly- SIMP OVER YOUR FAVORITE ANIME HOTTIE🤤