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13+ Gaming Community Cross-Platform. Variety of games.

The goal of this server is to help you learn more about a subject you want, and to help others learn about subjects that you know about. This could be anything from art pointers to recommending anime

This is the Official TVC Discord Server _TVC is a you tuber who makes videos about many animated shows such as; steven universe, miraculous ladybug,she-ra and more.

A community of people you can talk to.

We're about bringing furs and non-furs together to have fun and clear the stigma that furries are bad. They're honestly some of the most friendly people on the internet.

A friendly mobile legends community server, welcomes all, no skill requirements to join We are starting up a new squad "The Tryhards" in which there is a requirement to join. DM an admin for further info

Discord For Adults - 21+ Server - We have active chat, VC, gaming, and events on a regular basis as well as weekly and monthly giveaways! Bring your best pet pics and memes!

- softie server - gothic server - nice community

The Furry Assembly is awaiting your arrival! We’re Active 24/7! Server Shop! Non-Toxic Atmosphere! Chill, Respectable and Responsible Staff Team! Cute Emoji’s! But we’re missing something… it's you!

SparkGaming365 is a gaming stream made for gamers, by gamers. It was created to be a friendly gaming community without the drama, elitism and general bad vibes that gaming streams were often afflicted with. Almost five years later, we’re still going stron

Hey guys this is the friends hangout, Where you can make new friends and chill, This server is new, It’s a laid back server, You can advertise

:white_flower:ItzzDaniel's Server:white_flower: :biohazard: Working In progress :biohazard: :smile: Friendly Community :smile: :robot: Fun Bots! :robot: :fireworks: And More! :fireworks: Click for more!

Welcome to the 18+ Hotspot what do we have to offer? we have plenty of options for the lewd people who join, to see them, check out the long description below

chill asf community looking for active members. make new friends in this non toxic chill community

Join our Idle heroes community server on discord to find guides, get help and socialize with other idle heroes players! Everything u need to make you gaming experience more ex, fun, social and entertaining!