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Just a chill server for chill people. It's not an overly active community, however we do talk frequently. We're almost always listening to music in VC, so if your looking for a place to chill for a minute this is it. We're welcoming to all, however we do

I hope you read everything on the long description :D I need more members and i hope there's someone out there who can wake my server to life xd.

I couldn't find a good trading server so I said fuck it and made my own. there isn't too many rules but obviously scammings bannable asf

Twitcher streamers! Friendly! LGBTQ+

https://discord.gg/BaZ5A78W4a Hey!! Welcome to The Slokk we are a small friendly community looking for more people In The Slokk you can -Make new friends -listen to music with people -Talk with new people -ANIMEEE -Meet teammates -Gamesss

A Friendly and Cool Discord server to get in Christmas Mood!

Welcome to Prestinity! A land of sun and shine! (A semi/SFW server that is almost completely active!) This server is a mostly community server where people can socialize, make friends, and so much more. But it also has an SMP attached!

are you trying to get members join us you can share your server or j4j

pee pee We are pretty chill people so join if you want to We like anime (NO SPOLERS), kdrama, kpop and different games like: -Genshin Impact -Minecraft -Roblox -Fortnite -Yandere Simulator -Osu join us >:(

Join Astrus! We are a friendly gaming community with many games to enjoy with others< We support anything such as LGBTQ+ and more! We use pronouns to define a person as< And we provide many channels and roles for fun!

Gaming server all around, very friendly! Need people to join!

A kpop server that has it's focus on Mamamoo!