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A server for meeting new people and making new friends in. We mostly do userphone, play Gartic, talk to cleverbots, chat, send media, claim and catch pokemon and AniGame spawns, etc. If you are toxic, you will be put in a channel called jail.

A community get-together server for everyone!

Join my server u will have fun!!

Gaming server, you can make friends and play with them, we have anime, manga, announcements, rank, giveaway

💬 Social Chats + Voice Chats 😄 Fun Community 🍩 Custom Donut Emojis 💖No matter how different you are, you are normal here💖

Hello, join our new discord server. English speaking server. Everyone is welcome!

Great staff! Great owners! We will do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy your time at Lunar cafe! Just be sure to follow the rules!

Server nou de FiveM. Cautam Staff activ si matur, Lideri Factiuni (Lider SIAS si Lider EMS)

Just a place to chill with few rules. Just follow the ones we have and you’ll fit in just fine.

We're a fun, cool, laidback server where we share 18+ stuff. We also talk about anime, or any other kind of topic. Come and chill!

We are a Community for Gaming and Chill, Ranks Events And fun with other members of the Community. We can Play games together ore watch youtube together.

čaute všetci taaakže urobili sme 2 server pretože tento server je uplne mŕtvy takže pripojte sa na ten server, ktorý je oveľa krajšíako tento ak ste zvedaví tak sa pripojte na tom serveri sme si dali väčšiu námahu. Nizsie mate blizsie info.

a place for writers and readers alike! get and give critique, chat about nanowrimo, and have fun!

This server just started we trying to grow big join now!!! Also join our main discord https://discord.gg/nfSutq3f2U