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Lonely? Need a friend? Hop into our server and explore a kinky surprise with like-minded people. However, you must be 18 or above to view the contents!

A lovely new anime rp server! Non-toxic, friendly! Come join! Please be 12+ and verify upon joining! We have several gaming and anime bots, lots to do!

A music production community focusing on the Modern Pop side of EDM :)

The Nerds is an active 17+ community discord promoting the idea of being social in a COVID time! We have plenty of channels for both text and talk over many different topics such as games, pc's, anime, and more.

Hexen / Witches, Heiden/Pagans, Magie/Magick , german witchcraft community

Basically a server where you can easily find player to play with according to your time table.ONLY FOR INDIAN

Your Place to Hangout and Have fun. We play a lot of cool in-games and we have a very friendly community.We also have rules and regulations set in place and moderators as well ! We have levelling systems as well ! We also have self promo channels :p

Where gamers come to meet other gamers!

A new server mainly around forza with daily photo and car of the week compititions

Here we game and talk! We have lots of channels. We have lots of bots also such as Dank Memer, Mee6, OWO bot and more. Hope to see you there.

active, fun political server for people with all views! We have active members to talk, chat, and debate with, with political views all across the spectrum!

A Low Moderation Server Based Around Giving People Free Stuff and Making Friends! Get Free Nitro, Games, and also Real Life Items Like Game Consoles, Laptops, and More! NSFW Allowed for 18+ Female Owned!

just a discord server for pensive emojis

A chill server that is not very strict, trying to build a chill community of different funny people. Many people on it game and many people on it are just there to talk it has many different things, and suggestion chats.

We are A fun 𝓥𝓲𝓫𝓮 community that has so much to offer! We have roles, Fun bots, hobbies, and many emotes! JOIN NOW!