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We are a homework help server: we cover maths, physics, chemistry, et cetera! All age demographics are welcomed. We offer help to students from secondary school to university. Live channels included. Always free.

Hiya! We are a small server of about 30 members ^-^ we arent very active yet but we are in our DMs constantly. This server is mainly based around Aesthetics and finding gaming partners!

If you want a new, but nice community, join this server!

This server is a roleplay server for a videogame called “Car Parking Multiplayer” , if you play this game and would like to rp , make sure you join our server! ❤️🎉

A server for discussion of space related things

The server that you want to join in every way!

if really into destiny then this is place for you lfg raids,strikes,trials, and much more we have destiny bots to track your stats.

A chill server where you can come to talk, or play video games. There are different activities we have set up, such as cards against humanity and shows/movies we watch together at night.

Communauté Québécoise de Battlefield!

The witches library is a great server for beginner and experienced witches, wiccans, and general pagans alike! With custom roles you can find fellow pagans and witches that share your specific interests! We have active mods to help with all your needs!

Welcome to Planetary Squirrels. A great growing Rainbow Six Server!

A general chat space

Official Discord for the Independent Ranger Corps, an Albion Online guild.

Whether you're looking for party games to play or just bored from the quarantine, join our server! :) Jackbox games, Mafia, etc.

Server for gamers we host events for games such as Minecraft, Roblox, fortnite, cod and many more