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This is a giveaway server, when you can get a lot of rewards!! Take a look!

ZZZ discord server


An international chatting and bot commands place with lots of fun!

This Discord server is built for anyone who loves Overwatch, whether that being a competitive player, casual player, etc. all platforms are accepted here aswell, and you will almost allways find someone to play with, if not an entire team, thanks! :)

This server is for people who want lots and lots of porn and fun games. we reach out to hentai and real life. This is more than what you would want. join now for original 25 members, and unlock admin chat groups. You wont regret it.

* ServerCity: Crôwn * *-* THANKS FOR 2500 MEMBERS!! *-* - Fast J4J Room. - We share your servers for 5 invites. - A chat will open in a fixed audience. - All kinds of server advertisements are made except for NFSW. - Purchases are welcome.

Starlight shifting hub is a place where you can connect with other shifters. There are lots of tips and methods, and a friendly community. Join now!!

Miss Moderator. Miss Moderator is a bot for manage your server!

It’s a social server to make a bunch of friends during quarantine

「 welcome to :: Panda Lounge・:panda_face: 」 ・panda lounge is a community made just to hang out and have fun ・we accept anyone and everyone here ・reading forward is optional, but keep in mind that rules are in place

Come talk about viruses in a friendly, social discord community. You can talk about whatever you like here and play games with other people.

StarShield is a new, gaming centered discord server targeted at 16+ members. Fresh, clean, organized design. Experience for chatting! Find your new friends today!

large gaming server just casual looking to develop friendships and teams anyone welcome. IF u are new and would like a new friend or intro just do @nickyrelma in chat and i will personally greet you

A home for all gamers looking to meet new people. DOing free weekly giveways for a variety of games,mainly focuses on CS GO ,HYpixel and RL

A fun, friendly, wholesome server with lots of things to do! We have mods, multiple roles, youtube rank and a twitch streamer rank! All you need to do is react to a message and we will verify if you are a YouTuber / twitch streamer.

Everyone is welcome to join our server. We play a lot of different games

Crystal Realm is a new theme park community founded in early August 2019, with plans for it to become a unique, family-friendly Minecraft experience for all.