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A Gaming Discord Server with a lot of fun people to play with!

Join our server to do a number of really fun minecraft bedrock and java related things.

Kleine Community, die immer auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern zum zocken ist. Wenn du kein Problem damit hast, dass alle nen kleinen Knacks im Kopf haben, dann bist du bei uns gut aufgehoben!

Hey there future Mochies! We are an All Girl Server for fellow females who are 16+. We have an exception of 15 year olds turning 16 the same year. Our server are for those who are active, game, love anime, music, sharing hobbies, and being themselves!

Just a server for people who play genshin to join and hang out! Find other people to play with and talk to!

ΰ»’ welcome to the cottage α € what our server offers: π‘Š‘α ‰ chill staff + members π‘Š‘α ‰ fun bots (owo, dank memer etc.) π‘Š‘α ‰ semi active members π‘Š‘α ‰ pleasing layout/aesthetic π‘Š‘α ‰ simple rules (somewhat flexible) and more ofc : )

A place for your interests in-game and out!

Play games, hangout, meet new people

πŸŒΊγƒ»Prezamos o conforto e seguranΓ§a de nossos membros e nosso objetivo Γ© ser uma comunidade livre de toxicidade e preconceito, buscamos crescer junto a nossos membros e oferecer um lugar onde as pessoas possam chamar de casa.

This is a family friendly and fun server to chat in! ;)

Hi please consider joining our server, its a new clan i started so i hope to see people join, we are also looking for staff right now so its not hard to be accepted at the time.

!This is a GERMAN server!! NOT an english one! Hallo das ist mein erster Server! Sorry wenn mein Deutsch bisle schlecht ist, aber ja.... Mein Server ist ein kleiner Überlebens Server die ich nur mit meine Freunde gespielt hatte

Hey, willkommen auf dem Community Discord von vAzoniq, wir sind eine Aktive Nette Gamer Community, die immer grâßer wird, unser Ziel ist es neue Leute kennenzulernen und Spaß zu haben!

Welcome to Workshop STUDIO! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects. Everyone is welcome to join, from beginners to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.