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Official Discord for Epidem7c.

Join our NSFW server for Genshin Impact ERP!

Hello, and welcome to The Anti-Swag Corporation. We are a small community of friends for people who want to just come hang out and meet some new people and maybe play some games. We’re pretty chill and accepting to everyone. Here is what we have to offer:

Are you a big fan of Melee? Do you like playing low tier's just for the heck of it? Does a certain pink puffball interest you? Well, it would be so kind of you were to join... THE OFFICIAL MELEE KIRBY SERVER!

We have strawberry jam and mudcake

Hello this is a new server for friends, gamers and the discord community if you have joined the server we hope you have a nice stay and we will do our best to make this a safe and fun place for all

Gaming, Optimization, Fun, Tech, Tweaking

Only join if you intend on becoming friends with everybody. just a small group trying to get bigger. The games we play is such a long list . Feel free to join even if you just looking for a friend. 16 and up yours old

Politics and mental health! Free speech. Chill people. You can fight and argue but be respectful. 18+

this is where you can ifnd firends bt its new so theres not many people on it. its like a hangout, (like the name)

All Welcome. Good Vibes. PLUR. Join Us! EDM. Trance. Industrial. Dubstep. DNB. Synthwave. And more!

At Paytop we do many things in our server, we list a number of ways our members can earn a side income from home, allow selling, trading, and buying of gift cards, products, accounts, etc, host free giveaways every now, and do free drops

Welcome to the official server of mepholies youtube channel

Hi! Welcome to another reason we are a server where you can find everything you need in one place!

thiz iz a server to make friends and have fun!! we have ZERO tolerance of racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc!! we are fully inclusive!! I recommend you to be 18 and below and obviously 13+ as minors are mainly the community in here :]

Join one of the best My Hero Academia RPs on Discord that allows both canons and OCs, and is overall loaded with fun and great opportunities! Be a part of a safe, SFW, and literate MHA RP today!