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Ein kleiner deutscher Community Server

Welcome to ReinVale, a fantasy-based server where NSFW and ERP is encouraged, yet while at the same time, it isn't JUST NSFW and ERP.

Jav focused server

Wilkommen! Das ist das Jpower Gaming Netzwerk, hier kannst du finden: Neue Freunde, Neue Spiele, Musik und vieles mehr.

The Milk Store is an 18+ community, with active members and events. We have a NSFW section where you can get your freak on! (Verification Required)

𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝔂𝓹𝓽𝓸 ༶•━━━━ツ━━━━•༶ 💜 FREE ROLE for bumping 🤍 FREE ROLE for partnering 💜 growing community! 🤍 anime aesthetic! 💜 fun vc and chat! 🤍 friendly staff! 💜 plenty of roles! 🤍 lots of fun emojis! 💜 many fun bots! ༶•━━━━ツ━━━━•༶

The Server with almost no rules, besides keeping shit in the right text chats it's fair game have fun you fucks. Also no gore so we don't get fucking nuked.

Can't find a place to share your passion about most anything? Mantle v.2 is all about bringing people together to talk about their favorite subjects and play their favorite games. Come hang out with us!!!

INFINITE + INFINITE + is a new fast-growing 50+ server for people 10+ with friendly laid back staff that focuses on making new friends and chatting.

If you love anime thighs, you'll love this server.

Hello! Want to post your dusty meme folder or just get some good quality memes? Join this shitposting server and post your shit for everyone to see!

Welcome to Mr_Blu_Factx’s Discord Server! I'm a black gamers playing (COD mainly) and a few other games. I'm creating a discord server to support black gamers and the culture, positive ideas and vibes. Please respect everyone or you will be removed.

Cum to my server if you feel like ranting or want to just your know, talk about your day. We also have some nsfw channels that you can play with! Also, please be friends with me when you join, I'm hot I promise.

Get video or voice call based programming help on this server! If you're struggling with a bug and tired of looking through online resources, ask someone experienced here :)

a chill escape from the world, sfw and mostly active chats

For DogeCoin talk and other stuff