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Socialize, advertise, sing and game, make new friends in my new server!

A low mod server aimed at teens with game nights and cool people (sometimes giveaways too). Staff applications open.

This is a fan server for the game habbo.

In Unleashed Souls we Just chill out you know like we are just a friendly community thats trying to grow so we would apricate you joining and having some fun. We do Gaming, Memes, Chatting, Programming, and more so join up and have a fun time :)

Cerberus is a competitive esports team based around Warface, a modern and realistic first person shooter game, free on all platforms! Rise through the Cerberus ranks and dominate the battlefield. Show everyone who they're messing with! Join Today!

There are so many worlds. But this world is epic. The world called World of music is a world where every music fan wants to come

Are You Looking for a non-toxic, chill and welcoming Gaming/Streaming community or Maybe get some free Nitro? Well come join my server! 🌌

The ultimate hangout for every man's squad! Come enjoy a variety of bots, games, and people within our server!

We dont focus to much on main streaming such as meta gaming, we play what we like and enjoy sharing it with everyone! Each of us have different skills and hobbies and use them to help each other accomplish great things!

Du bist auf der Suche nach einem deutschsprachigen Discord Server auf dem du Mitspieler finden kannst oder einfach mit netten Leuten schreiben kannst? Dann heißen wir dich herzlich Willkommen!

What is it that you desire? To gamble, play video games, to kill your opponents? Well, then become a part of Legion and join your fellow comrades and become part of the deadliest Discord Server!

Why you should join MonkeTown server: 1) It has Fun Bots 2) It has games. 3) It is an EPIC monke server

A place for humans that reject humanity and seek peace of becoming one with nature!!

Welcome to the Federation! The Federation is a Sci-Fi universe me and some friends made that we would like people to see/help with!

Thoth Akademisi YouTube kanalı ve daha birçok şeyin Discord adresi. Eğitimlerimize katılmak için gelmeyi unutmayın!

Anti Furry Server, an alliance between groups, please dm ☩Carlos☩#6993 if you want to be allies or ping me in general.