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A community to learn code and ask for help with your projects!

In this server you'll get updated for my YT videos. Get yourself roles then play games or discuss about your favourite movies/anime, etc.!!

In Çäkūzø, World of Magic you can explore our fantasy roleplaying world all on your own or with other members, and engage in deep roleplays using an OC from various species.

Music Motel is a growing server with a friendly and open-minded community. We hope to offer a place for music fans of all genres and obscurity to discuss music and hangout.

call of duty black ops cold war Polska

Venez vous détendre, vous passerez un moment agréable ou bonne humeur et joie de vie s'entremêlent. Un serveur ou un peu enfin faire les zouaves (❁´◡`❁) Des staffs à votre écoute. Des membres qui sont aussi à votre écoute .

The Digiverse Foundation intends to create a virtually explorable video game world with a size similar to that of the planet Earth.

This server is a friendly, mostly NSFW community with active voice chats, fun bots to use, and lots of emojis. We have movie nights, and play games like minecraft, fortnite, cod, among us, and skribbl.io. If this interests you, join !! <3

Once a small town made of refugees and travelers across the multiverse, the city of Undertown has since expanded, sprawling across most of this mysterious Underground. An Undertale and Deltarune gritty RP.

This is a small, SFW, safe place for everyone, with welcoming members and owners!

Xantro Obfuscator is made by Xantro/ The Xantro Framework [Us] Made in C# and Obfuscates your scripts to make it harder for others to re-release it without permission. We offer a good community and a updating Obfuscator.

LGBTQ+ and POC friendly.

Willkommen auf German Chill Lounge - eine soziale & deutsche Community in der jeder Willkommen ist! Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß!

we're a small (but active!) group of teens! we've got gaming channels, lots of bots, and dedicated staff.

Lutu is a moderation bot with a wide range of commands and features that will not only let you have peace of mind, but will let your users feel safer, thanks to Lutu's Auto-moderation features, and its proprietary Banlist.

Coding Academy is a great programming server for like minded coders who want to get together and discuss coding, get help, and make new friends with similar interests. Everyone is welcome!