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Pokemon content? yes! (read long descriptions for more details.)

A baby server all about Mark's, Jack's, and Ethan's egos...! We're all here to share our love for these YouTubers and the wonderful characters and stories they create.

This is very new MC server where you can play with other players. (pokemon are here too)

•|• Butler •|• [❓] • C'est quoi ? C'est un serveur communautaire regroupant des personnes avec qui vous pourrez sans aucuns soucis sympathiser. • ➡️ Le but de notre serveur est de vous faire rencontrer de nouvelles personnes !

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˚˖˙ KicksFromthe609 ˚˖˙⌜ what we offer ⌟ ↷:calling: ・━━━━・ʚ:heart:ɞ・━━━━・ ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・daily stock ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・Buyer page ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud: ⌟・Reseller page* ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud_rain: ⌟・friendly members ˚˖˙ ⌜ :cloud: ⌟・No Seller/Buyer Fees

Welcome to Otaku Haven 👺! We are an upcoming, small, growing community that loves anime and manga! You can speak about your favourite animes and mangas while also meeting new people here! Please support our server by atleast checking it out!

About. Hello there, welcome to Artist Paradise. Here you can chat all things about Drawing, Photography, Crafts and many other types of art. We are hoping to become a big art community full of fellow Artists.

We are a fam toghether and we want to have fun together we have lots of sepcial Emojis in our server !!! you can join and have fun !

Just a general server where you can come to hangout, chill and meet new people!

This is the ShinyRaids server! (not the Reddit kind) Even as a small community, we may host Shiny Max Raids in Pokémon Sword and Shield. - Shiny Raids - Meme channel - Among Us channel - GIVEAWAY channel - Competitive and battle channel - Chat

We’re a upcoming discord server made by a couple who are in a long-distance relationship! We wanted to meet all types of people and make friends will people who game, like k-pop and anime! (Not limited to those few things)

We are a PS4/PC gaming community based around Ark Survival Evolved. Here you will see the in game rules and be able to take part in server events

Welcome to Unmumble! This is a server for people who love languages. We host two types of meetings weekly. The first is community meetings which are hosted by members of the community. The second type is group lessons of 4 with private Unmumble tutors.

Welcome to our contest! Win up to 100,000 dollars! Join our server to enter the contest!

welcome to arcane !! please join us, we would love to have you here with us