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Oficiální discord streamera "JayJake"

We're a fan-operated community for all things Zoophobia.

A Low Moderation Server Based Around Giving People Free Stuff and Making Friends! Get Free Nitro, Games, and also Real Life Items Like Game Consoles, Laptops, and More! NSFW Allowed for 18+ Female Owned!

Bei B1RDFR1NDS dreht sich alles um die Community. Wir schauen zusammen Anime, reden über alles mögliche und zocken zusammen Games. Es gibt kein vorgesetztes Setting, wir sind immer offen für Vorschläge aus der Community.

A safe place for fans of MCYT to gather as a community and just have a good time! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

Hello, this server is mostly Yakuza games related. It was created as countermeasure for Sony's removal of communities on P4S. If you wonder where some of us have gone, this is the place. We're an active and friendly server, where everyone is ready to help

YouTubers, music, animations and games! Entertainment total community Japan server

Discord server based around our minecraft community! Factions and survival!

New Community, New Friends.

This is a newly made server, but i have worked hard on it. I hope you join me. At this server we offer: Homebrew of all kinda, and you the player can suggest a homebrew too! Adventure! Thats what this server is mainly about.

Im well known for the gem finder and having the one and only crystal ball 🔮 that I wouldn't sell for a million dollars to anyone not close to me

.✩┈┈┈┈∘*┈┈୨♡୧┈┈*∘┈┈┈┈✩.° Hi! Welcome to our Maple Garden a server made to hangout, chill or make friends! °.✩┈┈┈┈∘*┈┈୨♡୧┈┈*∘┈┈┈┈✩.°

360 Gang is a fun community server where people with many different interests and backgrounds can make friends and have a great time! It is perfect for advertising if you are a small content creator, or just want to hang out with some fun people!

Hello and welcome to Dysfunctional Utopia. This is a role-playing server set in the future of an alternate reality to our world, which is still struggling to recover from the earth-shattering World War III.

Vistas is a great furry community for all kinds of people with lots of channels for different hobbies and interests. The server is SFW only. We host lots of giveaways too!

--------------------------------Welcome to Mystic's Sauna & Games---------------- Gaming and Anime, while making friends in our community!