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A pretty fun place with pretty cool people (like yourself!)! Join for a fun community, cute emojis, game channels, VC. and more!

Welcome to suscord! A server where you can make friends, grow bonds, and enjoy discord as a whole. We are a new server, and we want this place to be a safe space for all! Join suscord today, you wont regret it. We do giveaways as well. Join ASAP!

Lutu is a moderation bot with a wide range of commands and features that will not only let you have peace of mind, but will let your users feel safer, thanks to Lutu's Auto-moderation features, and its proprietary Banlist.

A horror server, including scp, monsters, slashers, creepypasta, and more!

You want to live without scratching your head and thinking how to live from paycheck to paycheck, visit us! Ecomfinest is a server oriented in ecommerce, business, growth and dropshipping. Everything is created in ecommerce sphere, anyone and everyone is

A friendly competitive community dedicated to all platforms of Pokémon gaming and a source to promote your discord server, creator content, whether it be a Pokémon or non-Pokémon related.

🌼🌸🌺🌹🌷Friends & Gamers🌷🌼🌸🌺🌹 • Chill & Friendly Hangout Server • Active Channels • Relaxed Atmosphere • Gaming Events/Tournaments • Giveaways

In this server, we host fun seasonal events, we have fun channels, and a nice community!

This server is a Minecraft Creative Nations server set in a medieval age with a mythological twist. You create a civilisation and wage war or make alliances with other nations and there are many different mythological creatures that can be obtained!

A nice, chill server full of welcoming people to chat with, RP with, and generally just hang out with! Escape the troubles of real life, and go to a new world of adventure and relaxation. We will welcome you all with welcome arms! Come on in and join! 👑

A smash crew/gaming community for the people looking for a good time.

This server is all about glee (the series) and editing !! We also play games together! So come join and have some fun <3

Play DnD, host a watch party with friends, listen to music or LoFi radio, share your art or writing, play games, stream, and so much more!

〘🎀 Grey Nation 🎀〙 \*Wanna chat and meet new people?*/ \*Play fun games and join interesting conversations?*/ ∈∥⊂Then join Grey today!⊃∥∋ ⇚✖❴Our features include❵✖⇛ #|Multiple channels! #|Self-roles! #|Partnerships open! #|And more!

This is a sweet server where you can do whatever you want - play music 24x7 , play games , read memes , get anime updates , search for animes , suggest animes , get anime suggestions , NSFW (hentai as well as porn ) its all yours ! Come join us !!