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A community server for people who enjoy the Xbox Ecosystem. Find out the latest news and rumors surrounding Xbox. Party with others and play the games you enjoy.

Hey! My name is Novake, and I tried to make a different Community server, we often have giveaways, and events. Main language is hungarian but we have english part as well.

Content Creator Support Mostly Destiny 2 [PC] Gamers just having a little fun!

Do you want to chat? Are you playing games? Join SocialF! Here you can have any type of conversation! Good server, No bad users! This is SocialF

Echo discord Growth! Grow your server with us! Only Eight Channels to the actual advertising channels.

Server whit alot new friends, and alot of bots! Enjoy your stay!

United is a Place Where Gamers Can Unite and compete in tournaments in games they love and talk with other gamers, Join now!

Hello! I Have Created This Community With Farore, We decided to start this community because we have always wanted to start an community where we can play games, more info will be below.

Say What Needs Saying aims to encourage open, civil, free and constructive conversation around touchy subjects such as politics, religion, money, culture, and more. Help us break down conversational barriers, bring back free discussion, and open minds.

A community of all levels of photographers

Just a place to hangout, chat and game!

A horror community with a unique aesthetic, focusing around things better left unseen. True Crime, Cryptids, Witchcraft, Creepypasta, Folklore, and emotes inspired by all of it.

We have a large variety of games that include, Animal crossing new horizons and among us, Ect, Our animal crossing new horizons is very popular, a lot of treasure island events and giveaways.

We are a wholesome anime server that would like to grow.our goal is to provide anime fans with a place they can call home