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We are a small server for Leftists, but also making friends! we are here to support each other and oppose authoritarianism and fascism! what we have -channel for peaceful discussion -music bot -leftist resources -channel for creativity and more

Aurora is a community hangout server that offers many other activities. We are LGBT+ friendly, and overall an easygoing group. ╶╴Join us!

Vistas is a great furry community for all kinds of people with lots of channels for different hobbies and interests. The server is SFW only. We host lots of giveaways too!

If you’re looking to join a Minecraft server, you should join Tailvile. Tailvile is a Minecraft Bedrock server that has much to offer to every player. Tailvile is a public Minecraft survival server.

Hello, stranger! We are a small, friendly active server. We offer a lot of special stuff. Make sure to check it out. Everyone is welcome!

Bon staff, plein de BOT, des react roles, plein d'emojis, plein de salons, des rubriques, des salons pub, RP, events réguliers et système original de gain de rôle. Il y en a pour tous les goûts

A server to unite a bundle of people to play a majority of games or maybe listen to some music!

A server that will help you with coding and programming in ANY language!

>| Are you looking for a place to just hang-out and meet other people? This is definitely the place for you O-O >| We are a server that welcomes everyone! Our main goal is to bring people together in a comfy space to just chillax~

Trade alongside our 30+ year veteran trader Robert Paruta. Start each day with our daily watchlist, pre-market game plan & live chatroom coverage, all designed for your success. Discuss investment strategies, winning trades and receive daily stock signals

A very new server which serves as both a gaming community chat and a hangout section! We're looking for new members to help us grow. This is a chill and laid back server that also acts as a safehouse with verification systems in place. Hang out with us!

Welcome to NASA. We are the landing pad for anyone that likes NASA, SpaceX, or just space in general.

Skyblock Services is a fast growing Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock server where you can hire experts to do anything for you! We also have a non-toxic community and extremely frequent giveaways and events including Nitro and Xbox gamepass giveaways!

Minecraft.it è una community non-ufficiale di Minecraft che intende centralizzare la comunità Italiana in un ambiente favorevole e utile ad ogni giocatore, continuando a portare informazione, contenuti tradotti, guide e unendo i giocatori di ogni piattafo

Hey! please join this server, here we match make people, create friendships, role play and many more!

Aurora Ent. is a new roleplay server! We offer partnerships, many roleplay channels, and friendly members. We are not just an idol entertainment, we also debut actor/actresses and models.