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Server for people to just hangout and talk on. Maybe overdose on ketamine idk. We have emotes, bots, shitty memes, and almost no people because I just made this teehee.

:) discord server


Welcome to ":)" we allow multiple fandom chats and games. For example Roblox, Minecraft, sims, slime rancher, and others that I can't think of! In general, we want more people to join so please do-

server personale in cui oltre a svagarsi insieme potrete ricevere molte notizie sul mondo dello streetwear. Entra per rimanere sempre piu informato su questo mondo

This server Akafy (Akkkshat + Paradoxify = Akafy) is owned by 2 CRAZY YouTuber friends Akkkshat n' Paradoxify who are on a QUEST to make people happy and excited by their CONTENT! so, join them by subscribing to their channels and joining this discord ser

A friendly tight-knit community to make new friends and learn more about the world around us. Share ideas and beliefs with other people, create and build a world of your own design. The All-Seeing is a world-building community where all are welcome <3

Bienvenidos Enenekos, Al cubil Felino Nya. Donde podrán acicalar su pelaje y cuidar sus nekomimis acompañados de Videojuegos y cotorreo Nya.

CheapMC | CheapMC gta We are a Company that sells minecraft servers for a very cheap price We have: :Weekly Giveaways :Going to add skyblock and bedwars to our minecraft server, we have the cheapest minecraft servers!

*°:⋆ₓₒHiₓₒ⋆:°* ♥ We are a new anime/fandom uniting server, for those with little to no friends, or who just want to make more! We are very accepting and hope you join. ♥

8thwndr is a discord for the clothing brand 8thwndr, we are fun and are very friendly and welcoming, we talk alot also!

Wassup. If you're looking for a new server with a community which is not toxic but focusses on self-improvement; you might want to consider my new server. We have a monthly challenge to push yourself every month! Consider joining if you want to improve!

Are you looking for an experienced and well run FiveM community? Well Diverse Roleplay is the community for you.

Let your money work for you.

We're providing all types of accounts for free. All you've to do is just join the server and that's it. Most active members will receive bonuses.

Hello! Galactic Community is a fun community server! Where you can make friends, chill, go swimming and sooo much more!!! This is what we offer: A Fun Space Themed Community Discord Server Memes Anime And SO MUCH MORE

The home of multiple growing streamers.

Hi welcome to Okatou World Online™ we hope you can join ^^ We'd love to have some new members here!