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A server that helps people out with buggy devices.

A server for sharing your favorite memes and winning a "Meme of the Week" competition with them. You can also hang out with friends and listen to some crazy tunes.

A buy and sell marketplace for streetwear, EXCLUSIVE to Australia. Perfect for those sick of paying taxes and shipping overseas. With our server you can get your listings to the local target market fast and easy!

Welcome to Camp Olympus: Origins! A safe haven for Demigods. Camp Olympus is set in the same Universe as Camp Half Blood, but with a different plot. In this server, Camp Half Blood was destroyed, and the Mortal World had died and gone insane.

PC Gaming, Automation, Tech reviews, and more! Our Community is Growing Fast! We play games, mod, and even do some 3D printing

A little something for everyone! If theres something not here and youd like it to be, request it! Come be a discord couch potato with the rest of us!

Shawty's like a melody in my head That I can't keep out Got me singin' like Na na na na everyday It's like my ipod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay (We welcome E-Girls)

This is for flood gang only. If your ceiling gang we spit on you.

The LARGEST Pokemon Battling Server on Discord!

a place to talk with people and find friends

Hi all we r a furry and friendly community so head over here to our server,We have: °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °Self-assigned Roles °Minecraft °Voice chats °Music °Art °Roleplay °Fun Bots °LGBT °Moderates °And plenty more coming~

"Are you looking for a server for everyone? Well, you found it! We're a hangout for all. It's says it in the name, look! Come join today!" lets get the chat going

You need to join this we are a condo game that puts out condos daily every time a game gets taken down someones on it we previously had 100+ members but ended up getting raided if you join your in for a good time ;)

✦ Musical Mayhem ✦ ✸Hey everyone , here are this server's features✸ : -Music based server / We love Memes / Awesome currency games (Dank Memer) / Purchasable roles / Boosting perks / Singing contests / Giveways / Invite competitions / Streams &more

Just a place to talk and some cool emotes