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A server dedicated to the living legend Miley Cyrus. Join and make new friends Don't forget to invite your friends!

A Toronto community discord with a complete neighbourhood hierarchy built out to help you meet people in your neighbourhood :)

A small chill server that is solely focused on video games and hobbies. We have a leveling system, self assigning roles and a music bot. We would prefer people 18 or older but don’t mind anybody over the age of 16. Come make friends or just hang out.

This server is a server for people to join and have a laugh and play games. Members are allowed to use dark humour jokes in this server because in a server we need some fun and jokes. NSFW is used but rarely. Have fun!

Welcome to Milkyway! Milkyway is a starting server, where you can come and hangout, make friends, watch movies and just have fun! Don't be scared to check us out! We would love to meet you!

Are you looking to make more friends in the artist community? Well then welcome to 🌾Artem Valley!🌾 A brand new Discord Server for artists to chat and share art with other people. 🌸Coziness is guaranteed 🌸

A treehouse resort situated on a beautiful island, there's plenty to do. We're a fun community, who love to talk about fandoms, animes, gaming and much more~! Join for fun QOTDs, event nights, movie and anime nights and much more~!

Small gaming server

This is my small server which will take as much help as it can! It is an aesthetic and fun one! Here we respect everyone! If you love bullet journaling , art or even a good chat (and more) this is the perfect place for you!

Welcome to Nirvana! We are a friendly Agere server that welcomes all. We have a range of SFW channels and bots for everyone to use freely. Feel free to join and meet new people in the community

A fun server where we hang out, chill make friends and have fun. There are bots, giveaways and other fun stuff. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

This is a server which is directed to any type of person. We provide different types aesthetic communication channels with various different individuals all around the world.

Coffee, game, snorlax, repeat!

This is a new community targeted around reverse engineering, gaming, and programming talk. Everyone is very nice, so check us out and come join the fun!

HI! this is the Cbro's server, we just recently decided to get our server up and running again. We come from a Roblox group called The Cbro's, much like the server :p Anyways, we would love to have you, and would like some suggestions on our Server!

A server which you can enjoy your presence and endless Giveaway with zero requirements and events too.