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୨୧ We are a really chill server for hanging out or for others who just want to chill and play games!

hey this is a chill server with some of my friends who are hopping to meet new friends, we have bots like mudae, poketwo, and mee6, we also do mudae and poketwo giveaways, and i think you would have a good time. No one OVER 18 please

Hello! This discord is for weebs and koreaboos! We love talking about kpop and anime and are looking for more members to join! We are super friendly and welcome anyone of any age to join in!

Come to anime and chill a server where you can find Among us anime chats and Cold War and much more

Join the server today!

We are an Among Us Server based in Southern Africa however, we do welcome all other countries.

Server de developers portugueses. Neste server podes discutir sobre linguagens de programação, ferramentas e arquitectura.

Royalty is a fun chat where you can post memes, stream, talk in voice chat, use bots and make new friends!

A server for the game superhot

Accept the cum cum here to join us

Join our server to find many other gamers to play games including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League! We host many different tournaments as well.

Server for the occult, true crime, oddities, cults, and other creepy interests.

We are a friendly server for anyone trying to make friends on discord. Hangout Chat is a safe place for anyone 14 and older and offers lots of activities for you do participate in. We hope you join and meet lots of people that share your interests!

Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen.