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A hangout server which I'm trying to grow, where you can chat, stream games in voice channels, and use many different bots including Pokemon, Virtual Fisher, Dank Memer, and more!

Anime-Manga-Hentai server

Arcade è un server FiveM gestito da un gruppo di 5 persone. È un server Roleplay, e come tale permette di creare in gioco una vita parallela.

That Gay Bar This is a server set up for LGBTQ folk. We like to encourage conversation and friendship, while also being a safe space. We're more liberal in our rules and attitudes in conversation topics and opinions, but will never let anyone be attacked.

♔ » 18+ Community ♔ » A fair male to female ratio ♔ » An active community ♔ » Frequent milestone giveaways ♔ » Selfies, profiles ♔ » COMING SOON: Custom bot with: Economy, banking, custom VCs, role shop and many more!

A community of people local to North East Ohio (NEO). People elsewhere in Ohio, as well as other states are welcome of course. We serve as a platform to connect local gamers to each other so we can find parties with our favorite game.

TheTalk, is where your OCs you can as! I take requests from you and then i make your OCs as bots, after that you can talk as them!

A Isekai-like roleplay server where you create a powerful character and explore a vast new world. Currently looking for partnerships and active members to help revive this dead idea

Oorsprong van BGC! Wij zijn [BGC]Bravo's Gaming Community! Leuke gaming Community!

Hey guys this is team clausmall We here have a strong community of people who chill and support each other And the most important thing we do real giveaways be it nitro or products from our website

Here in the Macabre House of Horrors we dive into all things horror, get your daily dose of horror articles and fire memes—find other fans and enjoy a community based on a love for horror.

Welcome to Game Nights! This is a server where you can play any types of games and talk to people and just have a great time, Rules are simple and good. Hope you enjoy it here

ding ding!! you have mail!! ❛ you’re invited to moonflower! moonflower is an anime gaming community for all people! we offer a welcoming community along with invite perks!!

A friendly, welcoming community!

Welcome to Brawl Icons!

Whether you're here to make new friends, talk to more people, chill out in general, or a fan of my content, you're all accepted :) We play a lot of valorant and osu! in this server.