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This is a discord server about hollowknight you can talk about anything it does not really have to be hollowknight specific

Things are Confusion....You don't know how, But You're currently trapped within a building with 15 other people in a life or death situation. It all happened so fast that you're still debating if it's real, or if it's all a dream?

Public FPS and Elite Gaming Community - Tarkov, CoD, ARK, Etc.

Welcome to The Arena

Electricstick is a small youtuber hoping to make a community through discord, youtube, and roblox. He does giveaways every so often and loves talking to fans. Join today :)

Minecraft anime escape from tarkov

A friendly and welcoming community that wants you, yes you, to join us and have fun!

Everyone is welcomeeee

Horror-Based server for videogames and movies. This is a *chill* hangout, meaning no degenerate fans of horror allowed. This is for the books, movies, mini films. The games and the rpg horror games from our childhood. LGBT friendly.

~What we are~ For a long time, I have not found a server dedicated to those confusing, unexpected, raw, and funny as all hell shitposts. That is the reason I have chosen to build this server, for those like me to find that content to save and share.

A rootin' tootin' server full o' cowboy emojis for nitro. Yeehaw!

❄️ Teyvat is a new 18+ Discord Server dedicated to making a safe environment for everyone! We're LGBTQIA+ friendly and have 0 toleration for toxicity. While we are mainly based around Genshin Impact, the server is inclusive to all games.

Join THE UIUX NETWORK community of curated designers with various expertise. Feel free to connect, share knowledge, showcase work, give / receive feedback & network with new friends.

You can buy extremely useful things like nitro codes, methods, and a checker.

In our server, you can play with bots, discuss topics you like, and chat safely with lovely members who are happy to chat back! Join and help us grow✨