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Aurora Restocks is the best up-and-coming Restock Server made to help you find Sneaker Cook Group and Botting Companies. This server will help you kickstart your Sneaker Reselling Business and have you reaching profits of over $1k+ in no time!

Have fun,hang out,one of the best server to make friends and play games like Among Us etc.

Official Rebased.Finance Discord #REB2 #Rebased

The Treehouse is an active server that is growing fast. Come by and Chill, game, date, or chat. Only 1 rule, Have common sense. Can wait to see you here!

We are an advertisement discord looking to grow a community. You can advertise twitch, youtube, discord servers, etc. -Hangout -Make friends -Chat -Advertise

Welcome to the Sluts If you are looking for a place to have fun and have a good time, you’re on the right place, enjoy the things we got on the NSFW channels, enjoy chatting with others!

A Danganronpa Roleplay Server including Canon Characters and OCs! anon character

New and exciting server growing fast from anything gaming and exciting interactive bots

18+ We are a chill community that supports interracial Asian and Black friendships, relationships and culture intermingling. We offer movie nights, gaming, voice chats, relationship advice, support, solidarity & more! Join now, ALL are welcome!

UNITED ROLEPLAY UNIVERSE™ is a roleplay server hub, here you may find partners and groups to create stories together. Come advertise for a roleplay or a group within a friendly community. LGBTQ+ friendly.

100% inclusive! anybody is welcome. discrimination=immediate ban. neopronouns are a thing :) 6 color roles! 🏳️‍🌈 come hang out with us and make some friends! we accept: DID systems agere you! <3

A server dedicated to the living legend Miley Cyrus. Join and make new friends Don't forget to invite your friends!

A Toronto community discord with a complete neighbourhood hierarchy built out to help you meet people in your neighbourhood :)

This server is a server for people to join and have a laugh and play games. Members are allowed to use dark humour jokes in this server because in a server we need some fun and jokes. NSFW is used but rarely. Have fun!

A small chill server that is solely focused on video games and hobbies. We have a leveling system, self assigning roles and a music bot. We would prefer people 18 or older but don’t mind anybody over the age of 16. Come make friends or just hang out.

Are you looking to make more friends in the artist community? Well then welcome to 🌾Artem Valley!🌾 A brand new Discord Server for artists to chat and share art with other people. 🌸Coziness is guaranteed 🌸